Friday, November 01, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Today is Holiday, It is D. Hamilton Jackson Day

This is D. Hamilton Jackson Day in the Virgin Islands. We honor Jackson as the first local resident to own a newspaper to the Virgin Islands. His entrepreneurship and dedication to freedom of speech is worth our devotion.

Museum to Honor Antonio Jarvis

The Governor brought together the Tivoli Museum Committee to lay plans for the restoration of the J. Antonio Jarvis house in Polyberg. The museum will house the papers of Jarvis and the papers of Ralph Paewonski and Ambassador Terrance Todman

Firemen get Gear

The firemen are happy. It’s not the retro pay, They are happy because some badly needed firefighting equipment finally came. It isn’t big and fancy, but $200,000 worth of mundane gear they need to fight fires. Like a new air compressor to refill their air tanks, new hoses, chemical extinguishers, first aid kits. This is good news for everyone.

FEMA Leaving

FEMA is closing its doors in Tutu Mall and at Sunny Isle Shopping Center. FEMA left their 800 phone number behind, that’s 800-525-0321 and their internet address,, and some seven million dollars worth of disaster recovery aid. Now, this phase of the recovery is over.

Schools to get Code of Conduct

The schools are going to adopt a uniform code of conduct to apply to all students in all schools. Liston Davis brought together representatives of the department, the teachers union, at a teleconference to establish the task force to develop the new code of conduct.

Mock Elections

I’ve just finished adding up the results of all the mock elections on St. Thomas St. John – Elementary school mock elections went almost entirely to the incumbants. While polls of high school students show the incumbents losing to the new faces.

Teachers Mock Election

In the teachers union mock election all the incumbents except Lorraine Berry got tossed out. The teachers choose Frett, Sekou, Chinnery, Sprauve, Magras and Adams.


  • Dept. of Public Works announced that on Sunday Crystal Gade will be repaved from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM and it will be closed during those hours. PDW asks drivers to avoid the area on Sunday.
  • Andre Ottley will host a special edition of We the People this evening with the candidates for the Board of Education. That’s tonight from 8 to 9 pM on WSTA.
  • Retired police are holding a meeting at 10 AM tomorrow at Percy’s Bus Stop Halloween isn’t over.
  • There’s a Halloween Fun Night this evening at Coral Bay Ball Field from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM with a costume contest, haunted house and Dance Contest.
  • Coming up on Sunday, Partners for Health will hold a Champagne Brunch at Hotel 1829 and since we must have your reservation in advance, please call Partners for Health at 775-5943.
  • The Schneider Hospital is the beneficiary and wait till you see the food list for this event. Wow. It is a first for 1829 too.

Rastafarian Celebration

Finally this: This evening is the first night of the Celebration of the 66th anniversary of the Coronation of Rastafari. There is chanting, drumming, reading of psalms and reasoning. Tonight is the first and the celebrations continues through Saturday the 10th at the Tabernacle on Hope Road in Bordeaux.