Monday, May 11, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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Central High School Won Moot Court

The students all came out winners since they all learned a great deal about the law, courts and the idea of parental responsibility for children’s acts. In the end the students at Central High School St. Croix were awarded the prize for their presentation at the Moot Court.

Today’s Photo: Construction Begins on new Deep Water Dock – Who said there was no news on Water Islands? ….

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 86 Degrees at 2 PM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight to 10%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready for You!

Changes to Industrial Development Commission Proposed.

The Senate subcommittee dealing with the Industrial Development Commission has a series of recommendations to bring the Industrial Development Commission law up to date. The committee says they want to be business friendly, but wean recipients off the Industrial Development Commission benefits.

Montserrat Official Says – Stable

Montserrat Chief Minister David Brandt was on the Eddie Donoghu show on WSTA on Saturday and he reports the situation in Montserrat as stable and the populace as ready to rebuild. He says the Montserrat disapora is scattered all over the Carribean and they are all reaching out to home to work on reconstructing the island community.

Red Cross Wants Time, Blood or Money

Red Cross is celebrating 80 years of serving the Virgin Islands community with a new membership drive and fund raising drive. Community students will be canvassing the community for cash contributions

Senate Meetings this week

The Senate Committee on Planning and Environmental resources met until just a few minutes ago regarding the Comprehensive Land Use and Water Use Plan. Tomorrow the full Senate will considerof the Hess Agreement. If you want to testify on the Hess Agreement, Bill 22-0259, today is the deadline to submit written statements Senate President Lorraine Berry

New Prison Coming.

Property and Procurement is soliciting bids to construct a new prison facility on St. Croix. The facility will be located at Estate Golden Grove. Interested persons can pick up bidding documents at Property and Procurement office in St. Croix and St. Thomas Sealed bids are due May 27th.

Vitraco Mall Hosts Island Furniture

Islands furniture is pleased to announce that they are reopening their store in Vitraco Mall. And on top of that Vitraco Mall is also going to be the new home of Blue Cross Blue Shield of the Virgin Islands. And the mall says they have another major name store that is about to announce their opening at Vitraco Mall.

Department of Education Announced Summer Vacation

The Department of Education announces that summer vacation for elementary and junior high students will begin on June 9th. For High Schools the summer vacation will begin on June 12th. The different edn dates are due to the use of turn around days.

Tourism Conference Scheduled.

The Department of Tourism’s announced the annual Governor’s Tourism Conference for June 4th and 5th This year there are new additions to the conference, there is a trade show section and an art gallery for artists from all four islands, They have sessions specific to the development of St. Croix.


Charlotte Amalie Lions announce that Miss Virgin Islands Pageant Committee is sorry to announce that the raffle scheduled to be drawn May 1st is being postponed. Stay tuned. Ivanna Eudora Kean School has monthly Parent Teacher Student Association meeting at 6:00 PM 7:30 PM Wesley Methodist Church Tutu Evangelistic Services has Rev Neville D. Brodie of St. Thomas for a week of evangelical services. Dr. Brodie is a dynamic speaker, a true leader and a man of Christ. Services will be held every evening this week at 7:30 PM through May 15th at the Wesley Methodist Church in Tutu Starfest continues tonight at the Reichhold Center for the Performing Arts

Water Island Report

There is construction going on in Flamingo Bay of the long promised deep water dock. At this point a crane is placing steel panels in the ocean and preparing for cement. Very exciting on eh Water Island scale of news. The demolition of the old hotel is almost complete, with the main building now reduced to the underlying dirt.

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