Monday, May 04, 1998

US Virgin Islands

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WOW What a Carnival

The contests were intense, the parades endless, the costumes diverse and the finale was immense. Carnival was a series of peak experiences. The Adult parade was a series of splendors and the fireworks on Saturday was the most colorful and visually interesting fireworks displays ever. And so it is that this carnival goes into the history books

Today’s Photo: King Ras Reg

Charming Twirlers in Children’s Parade

Coins of our Ancestors

Flames of the Fireburn

Mocko Jumbie Jamboree Captain

Rising Stars Three Section Trolley

Rising Stars from Behind

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees at 2 PM Skies: Cloudy Chance of Showers: 40%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready for You!

HOVIC Issues Defense

There are full page ads in the two daily newspapers from Hess of the Virgin Islands responding the Senator’s Frett and Bryan. They say the tax breaks relieve HOVIC of taxes that their competitors do not pay, they also say Hess’s losses of the last 10 years are real and their tax returns show that the company is running a loss. The Republican Party put out a statement in support of Hess reminding everyone that 33 oil refineries have closed in the last ten years – 4 of them on Puerto Rico.

Barge Wars Heats Up

There is a direct confrontation going on right now at the Red Hook dock as one barge company is preventing the newcomer from landing and off loading their customers. We’ll get more details later today.

Moot Court Coming to Virgin Islands

It’s time for the annual moot court competition and this year is a topic about parental responsibility for children’s acts that will be the topic of the moot court. Members of the Bar Association are helping their teams research the topic and the battle of the court will be argued on May 8th

Senate Finance Committee Meeting Today

The Senate will do business today, the finance committee is meeting this morning with a long series of small requisitions from Dept. of Public Works and Department of Education. This morning they debated whether the Senate needed to pass judgment on all these requisitions. They passed the leases for Bluebeard’s Castle and they are considering the lease for Central Air. They are discussing the criteria for Industrial Development Commission benefits. The Senate has a full legislative session Tuesday.

Science Bowl Is Over

National Science Bowl is in the finals today. They had the semi-finals yesterday in Washington DC. Our team has done an excellent job of presenting their knowledge of math and science. Our team comes from All Saints Cathedral School composed of Janine Turbe Tremain Wheatley Michael Turbe Justin Wheatley, Rhys Joseph. They put on a good show, but the team from Iowa won the Science Bowl.

PAC is Seeking Funds

The Political Action Committee of the UIW/SIU is petitioning the Virgin Islands Legislature to meet as a committee of the whole and consider all revenue sources to pay all union contracts.

This is National Tourism Week

The first week of May is Tourism Week and the whole month is Tourism Month in the Virgin Islands. Today is Tourist for a Day. 75 students will take a walking tour of Charlotte Amalie, have lunch at Hard Rock CafÈ then take an island tour. Eight thousand people in the Virgin Islands have jobs related to tourism.


We have a Navy visitor this week, the USS Gunston Hall – a landing ship dock will visit St. Thomas from today through May 7th with a crew of 298 on board. National Tourism Week Coming Up – It may be Carnival, but coming up right after Carnival is National Tourism Week and the Governor has declared the first week of May is Tourism Week and the whole month is Tourism Month in the Virgin Islands. Our local Department of Tourism has a week chock full of activities. A lot of this years activities focus on the 150th Anniversary of Emancipation Commemoration. There is a Tourist for a Day Experience and the Open House coming up May 7th on all three islands. Did you know that 8000 people in the Virgin Islands have jobs directly related to tourism. Cooperative Extension Service had a conference scheduled for this week on Sediment Control – it’s been postponed to the week of May 26 to 29th. St. Thomas Beekeepers Association will meet at the UVI Cooperative Extension Service at 7:30 PM Dr. Bert Petersen will be holding a seminar today May 4th at the Senate Chambers on St. Thomas from 10:00 AM to noon. The topic is Prostate Cancer. The session last year on Breast cancer was such a success that Dr. Petersen is back to help men understand the cancer that concerns them. The seminar will repeat on May 5th at the Legislative Conference Room St. Croix from 10:00 AM to noon.

Water Island Report

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