Friday, May 01, 1998

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Ras Regg is Calypso King

Ras Regg is King. I’ll say it again, Ras Regg is the King, the winner of the Calypso Contest. Ras Regg and his song Rumors took top place in the face of the Mighty Waggy, Figgy, and a whole posse of competitors. Ras Regg is never going to let any of use forget it, and I bet we have to listen to his song every day for the rest of this year. Best political commentary went to King Kan Fuc Plentae, Best social commentary went to Leander Trotman, the Big T. Today is the children’s parade which will begin around 10 am and we will have it for you live.

Today’s Photo: Mobs of J’Ouvert Revelers Throng Veteran’s Drive

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 83 Degrees at 9 AM Skies: Sunny, Occasional Cloud Chance of Showers: Slight to 10%: Water Temp: Perfect Beach and Swimming Conditions: Perfect Sailing and Diving Conditions: World Class! Drinks: Ready for You!

Governor Schneider: Bonds Sold Out!

Governor Schneider announced yesterday that the government bonds are sold out. They had three buyers for every bond. And sold 541million dollars of investment grade bonds. The best bond sale in the history of the VI and at the lowest interest rate in our history. 5.72 percent. The reduction in interest will save the government 11 million dollars per year. What makes our bonds so popular is that they are triple tax exempt – without federal, state or local taxes. The funds will refinance all current government debt, produce 94 million in new capital projects, including school construction, wastewater treatment plants and a new prison.

Gomez Gets Bills Passed

Senator Gomez announced that she is pleased to have passed two pieces of legislation through the Government Operations Committee, one will bring the crime of Car Jacking under the territorial court, and another authorizes the government to negotiate for a new cemetery.

Vitelco Trouble on St. Croix

Vitelco says they are having trouble with some gear on St. Croix and the phones are down in Southgate, Green Cay, Seven hills and Tipperary.

2nd Annual Fly-In

H&H Avionics is hosting its 2nd Annual FLY-IN – May 9th & 10th to benefit The Queen Lousie Home for the Children. The public is invited to enjoy: Bi-Plane Rides, commuter & Private Aircraft, U.S. Coast Guard Rescue & Remote Control Demonstration, Skydiving, National Guard, U.S. Army, U S. Coast Guard Heliocopters, Raffles for Round Trip Airfares and much more, Food, Drinks, Music and Fun for the Family. (No Alcohol) From 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. FREE ADMISSION Special: Avionics Function Test $75 donation to The Queen Lousie Home All donations and proceeds go to The Queen Lousie Home for the Children For more information call H & H Avionics 778-5352

Governor Schneider Camp for the Summer

Government House announced that the Governor’s summer camp for youth ages 5 to 13 will open June 16th and run for 8 weeks through August 14th with lunch and snacks. The camps on St. Croix are at Charles Emanuel and Claude O. Markoe Schools Registration is until June 5 at the Administrator’s offices. 772-1000

Junior Statesmen

We have an annual contest for students to participate in the Junior Statesmen Summer enrichment program. This year 34 Virgin Islands students have been selected to attend these programs at prestigious colleges in the US.

Moot Court Coming to Virgin Islands

It’s time for the annual moot court competition and this year is a topic about parental responsibility for childrens acts that will be the topic of the moot court. Members of the Bar Association are helping their teams research the topic and the battle of the court will be argued on May 8th

Delegate Christian-Green Sponsors Federal Judge Tenure Bill

The delegate is calling for life tenure for Virgin Islands federal judges. The bill introduced in the house would enhance the federal courts in these island to make them more like their stateside counterparts.


Dept. of Public Works completed Limetree to Donkey Hill – All in time for the Carnival races, and the Nadir intersection is all complete including the striping and lane designations in Nadir. USS Conolly – a US Navy Destroyer will visit St. John May 1st through May 4th with a crew of 281, 25 officers and 256 enlisted men. Women’s Resource Center has a Special for Mother’s Day – you can get a Customized Certificate to honor thy Mother. Call 776-3966. To donate to the Women’s Resource Center and honor your mother.

The Children’s Parade begins at 10A.M. from Rothschild Frances Market Square to Lionel Roberts Stadium We’ll have it live

Water Island Report

We shut Water Island down for Carnival. We normally have nothing going on, but for Carnival we try to do even less so as not to interfere with the activities on St. Thomas. They tried to roll up the sidewalks, but no one ever rolled them out so we ended up doing nothing. Same stuff as yesterday.

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