Wednesday, May 21, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Senate Approved Four Commissioners

They approved Carmelo Rivera for Dept. of Labor, Dean Luke to Property and Procurement, Osbert Potter for Licensing and Consumer Affairs, and Wylie Whisonant to head Tourism. They approved the plans for Castle Burke ownership. Then haggled over when to end the session and closed it at 6 PM without covering the rest of the agenda.05/21/97 8:09 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 81 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Industrial Development Commission Gives VITELCO Tax Break

The Governor approved a 100% tax break for Vitelco just before he left for Asia. Four senators registered their disapproval of the decision by voting against Wylie Whisonant who as head of the Industrial Development Commission made the decision for VITELCO’s the tax break. Senator Petrus was outraged. “Its like saying to hell with the tax refunds, to hell with the students who need books and supplies and to hell with the vendor payments.”

AT&T is making changes.

Local AT&T President Barry Florence will be returning to the Continent having completed his assignments here, and Jose Felipe will assume his duties. Ilene Hayward is coming to assume responsibilities for marketing at AT&T. 05/21/97 8:27 AM

Air Fares Will Rise

Today’s San Juan Star carries a story that says air fare are up by 10 to 40 % and the planes will be flying full all summer. This is actually good news for the Virgin Islands since we have subsidized the price of airfares on certain airlines coming here this summer.

Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge

The New Zealand organization that is managing the America’s Cup Challenge closed the book on entries with 18 contenders for the America’s Cup in the Year 2000. Our Team held a think tank session with its marketing team to work on strategies to raise funds and corporate sponsorships. Steven Bornn says our team has the top yacht designer, the top sailors, the best marketing team and the only multiracial team in the competition. We are like Tiger Woods in this competition – It’s our time to win. . 05/20/97 2:01 PM

Coming Up:

It is Mental Health Awareness Month and today there is a community outreach on STC at Frederiksted Health Center

Foxy’s famous Wooden Boat Regatta is beginning tomorrow on Jost Van Dyke.

All jurors who served in the District Court between January 7th and April 23, your checks are ready. Please come to the Federal Court to collect your pay.

The Democratic Party Territorial Committee has adopted Magens Bay Road on St. Thomas and Estate Paradise and Adventure Hill on St. Croix as their locations to clean and beautify..

The Office of Vocational Tech and Adult Education has a summer Dental Assistance training program to learn to be a dental assistant. Call 776-0030 St. Thomas – Territorial Court announces that there are a limited number of places in the Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra Summer Steel band program. Applications are available starting today for the summer session which begins June 16th. This is for youth ages 10-13.

St. Croix – If you are offering a summer program, the Department of Education reminds you that May 23, that’s Friday is the last day to have your organizations summer program included in the Summer Directory. Call 773-1545. UVI Cooperative Extension is offering free classes – American Sign Language for Beginners and Starting a Home Based Business. Call Fern Callwood 693-1073

EMS Heroes of the Week

This is Emergency Medical Services Week. 250 children die every year in bicycle accidents another 400,000 are injured in bicycle accidents. Most could have been prevented if the bicycle riders had been wearing helmets. Parents, make sure your child wears a bicycle helmet and check that their reflectors, bell and brakes are in good working order. 05/20/97 1:09 PM

Water Island Report

Warren Pond accused Dick Weber of being rude to people trying to get environmental permits. This unleashed a storm of protest against Warren Pond as residents came out in droves to support Dick Weber. Small town politics. My cistern ran dry on Waterless Island. – Slow news day.