Tuesday, May 20, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor Schneider is on his way to Asia

In a trip that is being billed as a business development trip Governor Schneider is headed to Taipei Taiwan where he is going to give a lecture on Thyroid cancer, and meet with potential investors. After Taiwan, the Governor goes on to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. 05/20/97 7:44 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 82 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

The Senate is meeting today

They are dealing with the problems of bulk tickets for travel between the islands and they have a long list of nominees to consider. Carmelo Rivera for Labor, Dean Luke to Property and Procurement, Osbert Potter to Licensing and Consumer Affairs, Wylie Whisonant to Tourism. They plan to examine the Horse Racing Commissions and the bill to create a select committee on Government accountability, a bill to increase the fine for parking in a handicapped ramp. They also have a lease to allow Banco Popular to build a headquarters on Harwood Highway.

Good News for Magen’s Bay

Senator Adlah Fonsie Donastorg has gathered his Save Magen’s Bay committee and they are going to work on the reconstruction of the sheds that were destroyed in Hurricane Marilyn. Fonsie says we need to restore Magen’s to its past luster Governor Schneider approved the use of National Guard personnel to work on he project. Senator Donastorg has also presented a new bill to the legislature that will insure that millions of dollars of pollution emission permit fees stay in the Virgin Islands. 05/20/97 11:14 AM

Gas Gouging Under review

Osbert Potter is meeting with the two wholesalers who sell gasoline in the St. Thomas market to review their pricing and begin the imposition of profit margins. Senate President Lorraine Berry Is warning that Potter should tread lightly, imposing profit margins could have unexpected effects on the availability of gas and other economic consequences. Meanwhile Esso has come on-board as a major sponsor of the Governor’s Cup Billfish Tournament which is coming up July 17-20.

Are you ready for the Bees

Dept. of Agriculture says that this is Bee swarming season and there are reports of swarms of so-called killer bees on St. Croix. If you simply see a swarm and it is not disturbing you – leave them alone. They only attack when disturbed. If you bother them and they attack, seek shelter fast. Cover your head and neck and run. The fire service has gear and chemicals to deal with angry bee swarms. These dangerous bees have not bee reported on St. Thomas, St. John or Water Island. 05/19/97 11:27 AM

On the sore spot report:

Those guys from of Housing Parks and Recreation were have already been to Queen Louise Home – Building #2 Apartment 13. The fixed the mess and the kind gentleman with the problem says thanks to the Good News makers at Dept. Housing Parks and Recreation.

You Can Make a Difference:

Coming Up Tomorrow: You can make a difference by volunteering in our schools. The Friends of Volunteers in the Public Schools are meeting tomorrow morning at the Virgin Islands Taxi Association Club House in Contant at 9:00 AM -. You’ll get breakfast and a chance to make a difference in our schools. Call Sydney Flax at 775-6292 to register or come and register at the door.

Shining Halo Award

Good news for Ena George. Yesterday we put out a call for a white Aerostar van, and Ena George says she found it. Thanks to all the people called with leads, and a special person who remains anonymous who had the right information to recover the van. We have reports of other window smashing in the Windward Passage Parking Lot. The Police are investigating Ena George’s van for leads on the vandal.

Coming Up:

St. Thomas – Territorial Court announces that there are a limited number of places in the Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra Summer Steel band program. Applications are available starting today for the summer session which begins June 16th. This is for youth ages 10-13.

St. Croix – If you are offering a summer program, the Department of Education reminds you that May 23, that’s Friday is the last day to have your organizations summer program included in the Summer Directory. Call 773-1545.

EMS Week

This is Emergency Medical Services Week. It is time to consider the people who are ready, willing and able to save your life in an emergency. If you see a roadside accident, here are the five elements of bystander care – recognize the emergency, Stop to help, start the breathing, stop the bleeding and call the EMS. You can make a difference, just like the EMS heroes make a difference every single day. 05/19/97 10:45 AM

Water Island Report

Someone left the lights on at the beach. Please turn the lights off when you leave the beach.