Thursday, May 08, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Schneider Called to Clinton’s Side

President Clinton is going to Barbados to meet with the heads of Caribbean nations. The White House called and asked Governor Schneider to change his schedule and come to Barbados right after he is finished with a speech at Howard University. It is the first time that the US Virgin Islands are going to be recognized as a full participant in a meeting of the national of the Caribbean

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 81 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Industrial Development Commission Benefits for Westin Hotel

Earlier this week the Industrial Development Commission approved 100% tax exemptions for VITELCO. Now St. John’s Westin Hotel is getting 10 years of tax-free living. They get 100% exemption from real estate taxes, gross receipts tax and excise tax. But the Westin has to pay its dues. 80% of the employees must be local residents with the same pay and benefits Westin gives worldwide. Westin also has to create scholarships for St. Johnians at UVI.. 05/08/97 8:53 AM

Lorraine Berry Call for Select Committee

Senate President Lorraine Berry announced the formation of a Senate Select Committee on Government Accountability. Berry says the Select committee will look into expenditures, government funds and government accounts, procurement, taxation and all the independent boards, commissions and agencies. All 8 majority senators and two from the minority are on the committee which has a year to review all finances. 05/07/97 10:01 AM

Governor Schneider will revitalize Budget Office

Governor Schneider says he has reorganized the Office of Management and Budget as part of the plan to computerize the government. The OMB will be reorganized in five units, one for policy, one for budget, one for federal programs, and MIS unit and a public assistance office.

Power is back on in St. Croix

The electricity is back on St. Croix after an explosion injured two men and disrupted power. The power is back, we’ll keep you posted as the men recover.

Coming Up:

St. Thomas St. John Hotel Association will hold its third annual Kaleidoscope of Career Opportunities at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel until 1:00 PM This is tourism Week in the Virgin Islands. Did you know we hosted 1.74 million visitors last year? They spent 822 million and over 8,980 Virgin Islanders residents are directly involved in the tourism. Did you know our hotel industry has a 30 million dollar payroll and pays 6 million in taxes?

Saturday Food Drive

The Post Office is holding a food drive on Saturday. The letter carriers will be collecting non-perishable food for donation to the less fortunate in the community. You are encouraged to put canned food in your mail box on Saturday for the pick up or bring donations of food to the Post Office.

Hero of the Hour

Ambassador Terrance Todman of the Virgin Islands is getting a new honor. The US State Dept. is giving Todman the Director General’s Cup – an honor bestowed upon a foreign service retiree who is active in foreign policy matters. Todman retired in 1993 after 41 years in the Foreign Service and was ambassador to Denmark, Chad, Guinea and Costa Rica. 05/08/97 9:55 AM

Coral Bay Fire Station is Making progress

St. John Fire Service Chief Sydney Challenger, is in Coral Bay putting the finishing touches on the new Coral Bay Fire Station. There isn’t an official opening day yet, but when it opens it will be safer for the firemen and better for the residents. The nearest fire station to Coral Bay is in Cruz Bay 8 miles away – that’s a long time to wait in case of fire.

Economic Policy Panel Setting up Enterprise Zone

St. Croix is going to get an economic shot in the arm. The Economic policy council began work on creating the incentives to attract business to Frederiksted and Christiansted. The plan should be unveiled in 60 days to set up tax incentives, tax exemptions, wage credits and incentives to rehabilitate buildings.

Water Island Report

Shane Alexander Hawes now has a birth certificate. This is the boy who was the first home birth on Water Island and Shane couldn’t get a birth certificate. Now the Commissioner of Health Dr. Poblete says he has met with the parents, and decided to issue the birth certificate.