Monday, May 05, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Now it is Maud Proudfoot Drive

Now it is the Maud Proudfoot Drive from J. Antonio Jarvis School to Bunker Hill. Mrs Schneider gets the credit for keeping this memorial to a Virgin Islands leading citizen alive until the process was complete. Now it is the Maud Proudfoot Drive.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 81 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Senator Hansen Wants to fix medical insurance mess

Senator Hansen says the agreement to get doctors to accept insurance isn’t working. She is proposing a law to force all doctors to accept the payments offered by their patients health insurance providers. Hansen is also invoking the powers of her committee on labor to work on a settlement between the Education Dept. and the Teacher’s Union.

Everyone is Safe after Saturday’s Airplane Crash

The good news is that all of the 4 passengers aboard the private plane that crashed in Lindbergh Bay on Saturday. Everyone aboard was safe and only one scratch among them. Within minutes the Virgin Islands Police were on the scene and everyone is OK Now. One of the passengers called it the perfect crash.

Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge Hired Shore Manager

The America’s Cup Challenge announced they hired Ian “Noddy” Exton of Water Island to be the shore manager for the challenge. Noddy will be in charge of the sailing boats, support vessels and keeping the shore operation running smoothly. Noddy is from Australia and has a lifetime of experience with racing sail boats.

National Tourism Week

This is National Tourism Week in the Virgin Islands. We have the 3rd Annual Governor’s Tourism Conference today. On Tuesday 75 elementary school students will be tourists for a day and it will be Hospitality Employee Day. Wednesday is National Tourist Appreciation Day. Thursday the Hotel Association hosts a seminar on hospitality and on Friday there is dancing in the streets and art in the alleys as downtown opens up from 1:00 PM – to 10:00 PM – for a evening extravaganza.

Merrill Lynch Donated Land

Merrill Lynch got the parcel in a foreclosure. It is a plot of 50 acres on Peterborg point above Magen’s Bay. The 50 acres are now in the hands of the Nature conservancy and will be preserved in the heir natural state from now on. 05/05/97 9:31 AM

Gov. Says No One Understands his Tax Bill

We are not trying to take people’s land, the Governor said about his proposal to sell off old tax bills. The Government hasn’t been able to collect, so sell the debt. He says tenants, elderly and disabled are protected. People won’t lost their land if work out a payment plan. Callers to the news room say I owe you, you owe me. 05/05/97 10:59 AM

Brush Fire Plan

20,000 acres of St. Croix and the corner of Hassel Island burned, Now the Governor is ordering the Fire Service to make preparations for future brush fires. He wants the Fire Service to help people create fire breaks at their property lines and he wants an inventory of the equipment needed to fight brush fires.

New Tax Breaks if you Hire Welfare recipients

Attention employers – there is a new tax break for your business. If you hire people who were receiving welfare benefits, you get a 35% reduction in your tax obligation. There are rules and the program will be administered by the Dept. of Labor.

On the Calendar, Coming Up:

This evening at 7:30 PM – Dada Vaswani will hold a very special gathering at Renaissance Grand Beach Resort. The Holy Man has a Prescription for Peace of Mind. That’s at 7:30 PM – at Renaissance Grand Beach Resort Also this evening, Senator Liburd is hosting a town meeting at the Sprauve School auditorium to work on plans to revitalize the new pier project for St. John

Big Thank You

This is a Big Thank You to the Animal Rescue League. Thanks for Blessing the Pets yesterday. And a special thank you from the Good News Guy. My wife stopped in Friday and there was a dog in need of a home that looks like a clone of my dog that died a few weeks ago. Same breed, Same markings, same cheery disposition. I tried to calculate the odds on finding clone of my old dog at the Animal Shelter and I’ll just call this one a miracle.

Water Island Report

Peter Holmberg announced that the Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge has hired Ian “Noddy” Exton as the Shore manager of the Challenge. Noddy is an Australian currently living on Water Island. He is a licensed Captain, sail maker.