Friday, May 16, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Two Victories for the Watch Industry

Lt. Gov. Mapp announced that the Virgin Islands has won two major victories for the St. Croix watch industry. Timex will not be allowed to import its foreign-made watches with the same treatment as Virgin Island watches. And the Federal Trade Commission decided that watches made in the Virgin Islands may carry the words, “Made in America.” Both decisions should help revive the watch industry on St. Croix. Mapp had high praise for Senator Hansen for her efforts on behalf of the watch industry. 05/16/97 8:00 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 82 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Skopbank Settled for 2 million

This is the end of a long dispute over how much tax Skopbank has to pay for the transfer of title from Hyatt to the Bank. While the government had sought 5.4 million in taxes and penalties they settled for 2 million rather than keep fighting. This action clears the way for Westin to take over the old Hyatt Regency. 05/16/97 7:41 AM

St. John Residents Want the Barge and the Ferry

While no one came to Wednesday’s hearings on St. Thomas at the Public Services Commission about carrying passengers on the barge to St. John, last night there was an overflow crowd at the Territorial Court in St. John as residents stepped up to say that St. John needs both the barge and the ferry. And they want all passengers in a car to travel with that car. Ferry operators say the practice of taking passengers on the barge is costing them money and they sought protection. 05/16/97 7:45 AM

Where Should the Power Plant Go

WAPA is looking for a site on St. John to build a 10 Megawatt generator. The power authority has 5 million from the Government to build the power plant as a back up facility to give St. John power independence. BUT, the power plant needs a home.

Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs Revokes License

Acting Commissioner Osbert Potter says the department has revoked the carpentry and masonry license of Pagett Garnet due to his company’s failure to complete jobs. Citing deceptive practices, Potter said consumers must ask contractors for their licenses and references to insure they hire honest and competent contractors.

Carnival Cruise Lines Training Ship

Senator David Jones is asking the president of Carnival Cruise Lines to send their training ship to St. Croix to teach hotel and casino operations. If Carnival is coming to St. Croix to buy the Carambola Beach Resort, then they should begin training here too. 05/15/97 7:56 AM

Lt. Gov. Says get the address right

As of today all deeds to be recorded at the office of the recorded of deeds must have a valid mailing address of the owner if the mailing address is not the same as the physical address. The mailing address should be part of the deed. The Lt. Governor also reminds you that the second seminar on homeowners insurance is going to be at CAHS on Saturday Morning at 10:00 AM – Last night Mapp told St. John residents that insurance can be as low as $1.80 per hundred. 05/15/97 2:59 PM

Underground Tanks to Be Monitored

The DPNR is beginning a program to monitor all underground storage tanks. They will be performing random checks on tank to see if they are leaking and to insure that no dangerous materials get into our water resources. Prevention, Detection and Remediation of leaking underground storage tanks is the whole idea. 05/15/97 2:12 PM

Caribbean Travel and Life Says we are a good Summer Deal

The latest issue of Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine is out. There good news for the Virgin Islands. They rate the best summer travel deals. They point to great travel deals at Renaissance Grand and they like Catered Too Villas, and Caribbean villas on St. John, and on St. Croix they say Island Villas and Caribbean Escape. 05/15/97 4: PM

No Nudity on the Beaches

The Virgin Islands National Park took the matter of nude bathing to court and the rules against nudity were upheld. Park Managers can cite nude bathers and fine them for failing to wear appropriate attire on the beach

St. John Report

The Internet has come to the St. John Library. Carol McGinnis, Chief Librarian of the Sprauve Library says they have opened a public Internet computer in the library. She thanks all the people who helped make the connection, particularly John Campbell, Kabie Hodge and Steven Pitzl of Cobex Internet. Now you can surf the net from the Sprauve library on St. John. [For 05/16/97]

WAPA Reports on Fire Victims

The WAPA Board got a report on the men injured in last week’s St. Croix fire. George Stokes is in Tampa at the Burn Center where he has undergone skin graft surgery. Thomas Baptiste is in Puerto Rico and should be out of the hospital next week. The WAPA Board will provide room and board so their families can be near. The WAPA Board also praised the heroes who suffered smoke inhalation rescuing Baptiste and George. The heroes are Andres Vega, Robert Wheeler, Donald Martin, Michael Knight and Donald Robles. 05/15/97 3:55 PM

*Coral Bay Report: The firemen of Virgin Islands Fire Service Romeo Company have officially returned to their reconstructed station on Centerline Rd next to the Guy Benjamin School. St. John Fire Service Chief Sidney Challenger said a formal grand opening open house for the public will be announced shortly. 05/15/97 2:08 PM

Water Island Report

What do you do with an old satellite dish. On Water Island one resident took an old damaged satellite dish and put it to a new use. The dish was damaged in Hurricane Hugo and lay in the dump for years. This intrepid resident took the 16 foot dish and recycled it as the roof over a gazebo. That’s clever recycling. That’s your Water Island Report