Wednesday, May 29, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Radiant Suns Won the Atlanta Peach Carnival

Here’s special news the Radiant Suns went to Atlanta to perform in the Atlanta Peach Carnival, and they took the prize for the best Visiting Band. That makes the Radiant Suns King of the Bands!

Police Promotions

The Virgin Islands Police are promoting 36 individuals after 6 years without promotions. The ceremony takes place today at L’Escargo at noon. And the police remind you, you better fasten your seat belt. The police are opening a new campaign to root out crime by focusing on routine road stops. If your lights are out, if you are driving without a license or too much window tint you could be stopped. And the police will use these stops to look for drugs, guns or other violations.

Get “Business Friendly” Says Berry

Senator Lorraine Berry says we need to create a more friendly business climate or risk losing businesses like the Sugar Bay Hotel. Berry wants the Virgin Islands to be business friendly, not hostile. The new owners of Sugar Bay have resolved to open the facility in time for the Winter season and they say they will rehire the former staff before they hire new staff

Books for Kids

LeaSan Publications is going to help the Kindergarden readers at the Peace Corp and Ulla Muller Schools. They are holding an event on Monday June 3rd to giver a personalized book to each of the young readers. The books include personalized references to each child in the book as well as their school teachers and other personalized details. Start them reading early and they’ll read for a lifetime.

Vet Cemetary Cleanup

Senator Bert Bryan lamented the sad condition of Veterans Cemetaries on Memorial Day. It worked. Governor Schneider ordered a total clean up of all our veterans graves. The Gov said that the condition of Vietnam era graves made him sad and he ordered a clean up of all veterans graves.

Antilles Blue Ribbon

Antilles School representatives are in Washington DC today to receive their Blue Ribbon Prize. Antilles is only one of 8 schools in all of America to have blue ribbons for both the lower and upper school. Antilles also earned first place in the Ocean Spray National Athletic Grant program for Women. They will use the prize to promote women’s sports throughout the Virgin Islands not just at Antilles. Look for new summer camps, tournaments and professional seminars on women’s sports.


  • All Bournefield and Port Authority tenants: Celestino White and Arturo Wattlington invite you to Kirwin Terrace for a public discussion of housing concerns and recent rent increases. tonight 6:30 PM
  • Elskoe Associates are meeting at Percy’s Bus Stop at 5:30 talking about Puerto Rico and St. John. 
  • Parents of CAHS eighth graders who will be 9th graders next year meet at 5:30 at CAHS auditorium.
  • Parents of children who plan to attend Berthe Boschulte School meet at 6 PM at Kean School Cafeteria 
  • Ivanna Eudora Kean School Awards Night is June 5th not tonight, and if you want to make an award call Mr. Smolett at the school
  • Kean School Class of 76 is meeting at Diamond Barrel at 6 PM. 
  • Coming up Tomorrow: Virgin Islands Housing Authority has a orientation program tomorrow for people moving into Temporary Modular housing in Ross Taarneberg. 9:30 tomorrow morning at Pearson Gardens Community Center
  • Also tomorrow Small business seminar on Financing your business at the UVI Small Business Development Center. 6:30 tomorrow.

Gourmet Gallery

Finally, Some people have been hungry for this news. Gourmet Gallery is open again in Crown Bay Marina. They have fully rebuilt the store, added new sections, raised the roof and as before Gourmet Gallery offers the foods that just aren’t available anywhere else. And the owners say they will be price competitive or beat the prices in any food shop on this island. Gournmet Gallery is open again. It’s one more sign that Hurricane Marilyn is over, and that’s the best news of all.