Tuesday, May 21, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


There’s 2 Million from Medicare for the Hospital

It was like collecting an old bill. The Governor accepted a check yesterday at his news conference for $2 million dollars that represents that outstanding balance due the Virgin Islands from care already delivered. Gov. Schneider said the funds would be used to improve facilities at the hospital and for needed supplies and equipment. The Governor also announced that he may be able to get FEMA to forgive more of our outstanding Hugo loan. He also announced that the budget will be on time and balanced at 450 million dollars.

Hotel News

On the Hotel front, Hyatt has won a round in court, and gets to stay in St. John at least for a while. Meanwhile, the owners are proceeding with their repair plans for the resort. Sugar Bay resort is on the way to a sale to new owners who are the owners of Paradise Island Fun Club in the Bahamas.


It only took 8 hours for the jury to decide that the two men were guilty of killing George Van Holten. Alexander Viust and Avery Anderson may spend the remainder of their lives in jail to atone for their violent act.

A Million Tons Shipped

At the Caribbean Shipping Association meeting the Governor delivered the keynote address. In 1995 we had over one million three hundred thousand tons of goods shipped into Virgin Islands. Schneider said plans are underway to develop a molasses tanker pier on St. Croix to handle bulk cargo.

National Safe Boating Week

This is National Safe Boating Week. The Governor says we are blessed with the most beautiful and accessible coastal waters in the he world. We’re blessed.. Now do you have enough life jackets for everyone who rides in your boat? Life Jackets float, you don’t.


  • East End Lions are holding a general membership meeting at Anna’s Retreat Senior Center at 7 PM. 
  • Grenada Association is meeting at 7 PM at the home of Melinda 
  • David Kean School Class of 77 meeting at 5:30 
  • a Diamond Barrel Plumbers Association meeting at Petite Pump Room at 5:30 
  • Peace Corp PTA today at 6 PM at Curriculum Center Tutu. 
  • League of Women Voters is hosting a luncheon at L’Escargo at noon on Thursday with Michele Rhymer the executive director of the Women’s Resource Center Speaking on the Impact of Domestic Violence on the Community. Reservations 776-9357.

Cultural Extravaganza

The Association of Caribbean Organizations is holding a cultural extravaganza on May 24 and 25 The theme is unity in diversity and the event is a compilation of all diverse cultures in the Caribbean. Culinary delights, music, and other cultural experiences.