Thursday, May 23, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


New Lights Coming to St. John Ballpark

Among the new legislation passed in the last session of the full senate, they passed the bill to create a disadvantaged business enterprise program. It was passed by a unanimous vote and hailed by Senator Hansen as a Salvation for female owned and other local owned businesses. The Senate also approved $275,000 from the St. John Capital Improvement Fund to put night lighting in the Coral Bay Baseball park. Senator Liburd says once this work is done, the Coral Bay ballpark will be top notch.

Waterfront Traffic Hearings

The newspaper carried the diagrams that propose options for traffic flow on the waterfront. There is a meeting this evening at the legislature to consider the options to redesign traffic flow around the legislature building. That’s at 6:30 at the legislature where you can speak up about which of the options we should pursue. WSTA will carry the meeting live this evening.

WAPA Water

Should WAPA sell water to other islands. Senate President Rocky Liburd wrote to Raymond George to suggest that WAPA bottle its water and sell it like Perrier or those fancy designer water products. Virgin Island Water might be a hot seller and a revenue maker for WAPA. Now for the right name.

St. Croix School

There has been confusion regarding the last day of School on St. Croix. The Insular Superintendent Anita Plaskett announced that June 7th would be the last day of school on St. Croix

Wait In Line?

Some good news doesn’t come with press conferences and announcements. The drive up Window at McDonalds is back in operation after being damaged in the storm. McDonald’s drive through is one more line where waiting in line is over. Good news.

St. Croix Trees

Remember the St. Croix tree planting program that planted trees on a highway median strip and then they had to be removed. Well, the trees have a home and you can help plant them. On Saturday at 7 AM Fifty four (54) trees will be planted in Cramer’s Park. Thirty (30) additional trees will be planted in LBJ Gardens at a later time. Come out Saturday at Cramer’s Park and help plant a tree.

Homeless People Hearings

The Homeless of St. Thomas isn’t a simple issue. Some prefer their lives under the open sky, others have little idea what is going on to them. The Governor’s committee on the homeless, and mentally ill is conducting public hearings today at the Legislative Conference room in Frederikstead St. Croix at 3 PM

Caribbean Calendar

  • UVI Little Theater has Playboy of the West Indies each night at 8 PM in the little theater. This is a local adaptation of Playboy of the Western World adapted by Trinidadian Mustapha Matura 
  • League of Women Voters is hosting a luncheon today at L’Escargo at noon. 
  • Michele Rhymer, executive director of the Women’s Resource Center is speaking on the Impact of Domestic Violence on the Community. Reservations 776-9357. 
  • Cooperative Extension Service has a class on Sustainable Pepper Production from 7 to 9 PM at CoopEx Conference room. 693-1080 
  • Kean School is presenting Lorraine Hanbery’s Raisin in the Sun and a one act play called Strictly Matrimony by Errol Hill. 
  • Thursday at Frenchman’s Reef at 8 PM. There’s a free movie for kids as part of the Mega Youth Festival. 
  • On Saturday at Cinema One, the movie is Flipper and the price is free if you’re a kid, of course, Grown ups have to pay. That’s a free movie and that’s good news.