Thursday, May 09, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Hyatt Case is in court today

The Hyatt Situation is in court today and the judge will decide today if Hyatt should stay on as the manager of the resort on St. John, or if it is to be returned to the owners. The Hyatt employees are staying close to this, though only 180 were laid off in November, the rest are aiding in rebuilding the hotel. They want to retain their seniority and benefits when the resort reopens.

Dolphin Airlines

Dolphin Airlines is out of the airport citing excessive charges by the port authority as reason for leaving the Virgin Islands. Meanwhile an audit of the port authority shows that the authority has been lax in managing its finances. Tenants have not been billed for monthly rent to the tune of 2.7 million dollars, some have sublet without the authorities permission and lost rent as a result.

Presidential Scholars in DC

Congressman Victor Frazer is hosting our Presidential scholars today in Washington. The three scholars from the Virgin Islands are in DC to receive their awards and collect $7500 each for the purchase of science and math educational resources for their schools.

Band Booster Schneider

Governor Schneider puts his money where his mouth is, his mouthpiece that is, the Governor made a personal contribution to the Richard’s Schools Band fund during an awards ceremony in St. Croix yesterday. In more money news, the governor announced that FEMA has decided to cancel part of the loan from Hurricane Hugo. The cancellation of part of the loan will relieve us of a debt just as the Hurricane Marilyn loan is coming to the front.

Summer Youth Employment

Will there be any summer youth employment? Senator Petrus says the senate passed an amendment to fund the summer youth program but it has not been acted upon by the administration. Part of the problem is that federal funds for the program have been cut by 25% and the local replacement funds aren’t there.

Mental Health Month

Did you know that one in four people will suffer from a mental disorder during their lifetime. It could be you. Modern research has shown that mental illness is biological, its chemical, not something that happened because you were bad. Unbalanced chemistry, can make some people lose control of their mind. The Governor asks everyone to help dispel the myths about mental illness.

Starfest 2

Starfest 2 is so successful selling tickets that they are adding another show on Tuesday May 14th at 8 PM. Now there’s more time for tunes.


  • All 18 Presidents of the PTA’s and PTSA’s are meeting at CAHS cafeteria at 6 PM. Mario Frances urges Presidents to be present.
  • Hug a Bunch is meeting at Bellows at 5:30.
  • The First Class of Consumer Advocates is graduating Thursday on St. Thomas at the Emerald Beach resort. The location is Emerald beach, not Carib Beach.
  • Charlotte Amalie Lions are meeting at Victor’s New Hideout at 5:30. Wear your vests, the regional chairman is making an official visit.
  • Caribbean Women’s Executive Network is meeting at 5:30 at Frenchman’s Reef West Indies Room with Dr Kimberly Moore speaking.
  • E Benjamin Oliver Band Boosters meeting at 5:30 at Gomez school.
  • CAHS Class of 66 meeting at Windward Passage
  • Elskoe and Associates at Percy’s Bus Stop at 5:30 ( Ivanna Eudora Kean School class of 91 is meeting in the library at 6 PM

Outstanding Women.

Senator Bellardo De O’Neal is hosting a Mother’s Day luncheon to honor seven women of distinction on St. Croix. Each will be cited for her distinctive qualities get plaques and gifts from the Senator. The Six are Irene Farrelly-Williams, Hilda Edwards, Joan Henley, Elizabeth John, Leonardo Riviera, Doris Encarnacion and Eusebia Soto de Garcia. They make good news.