Monday, May 27, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Education Goal #1, is Computers

The Dept of Education has published its goals for 1997. Number 1 is to equip all schools with a computer laboratories, link them on local networks, and get access to the internet. Second, reorganize to eliminate the junior high schools. Also on the goals: remove physical deficiencies in the buildings and develop new ways to measure student achievement and teacher performance.

Fire at Landfill

At the top of the news, there was a fire early this morning at the Bovoni Landfill. A swift response by the Lima company brought the blaze under control. This fire was in the the galvanized metal section of the landfill, not at the location of previous fires. Bulldozers were dispatched. The fire is out and covered.

Mega Youth Festival

The Mega Youth Festival was a hit for the kids and parents who came to Brewers Beach. There were performances by the Mighty Steppers from Dober, Massive Production from Addelita Cancryn and Wit Respect from Saints Peter and Paul. Here are the sporting results: The Vollyball winners, Trevor Antoine, Sean Morton, Robert Henry, Wilmon Holiday and Sherwin Henry. The Hula Hoop winner was Victor Murray, Lime and Spoon winner is Arla Thomas, Trisha Conner and Stacey Mathers took the Limbo title. To get your certificates call 774-6012

Are the Ferries too Crowded?

Are the ferries too crowded? Recent accidents with overloaded ferries has raised the topic here as well. The Daily News reports that these islands transport thousands by ferry boat and some ferries are traveling beyond their stated limits. In the interest of safe boating, find the lifesavers on your ferry boat the next time you ride. Everyone should be on the lookout for safety.

Art Contest Winners

The Virgin Islands Victory Partnership held an art contest for elementary school age kids to draw a picture that ilustrates what helps them stay away from alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Of the 34 entries, there were three winners Ariel Montero, Camiel Woods and Sha-que-ra Hodge. Their posters are available to hang in your store, shop or home call 773-9900


  • Politicians and candidates who would like to be elected are reminded of a workshop of Disclosure and Limitations on Campaign Contributions Law on May 28th at 22 Crystal Gade St. Thomas and on May 29 at #4 Sunny Isle Shopping Center Annex St. Croix. The workshops are from 9 to noon.
  • Wesley Methodist Church is having its annual May Fair Monday from 10: AM to 6 PM on the grounds of the Wesley Methodist church in Tutu.

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, the most revered day for veterans. We’ll have the ceremony at 11:30 at Roosevelt Veterans Memorial park. Lee Carle’s on his way to the park so you can see it hear on WSTA. It’s not only about remembering those who gave their lives, but to thank the survivors, the mothers, children, and friends. Someone went to war and didn’t come back. Be with their family today. Comemorate their lives on Memorial Day.