Monday, May 06, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


One thousand People made St. Croix a lot cleaner

What can 1000 volunteers and a lot of trash bags do? Well they can clean up a lot of trash. Particularly if there is a $1 a bag bounty on filled bags of trash. The anti-litter and Beautification committee organized the trash pick up and schools and community groups rallied to the cause. 5000 bags of litter were collected.

Governors Conference on Tourism

National Tourism Week started today with the Governors Conference on Tourism at Frenchman’s Reef. You are invited. The topics include cruise industry, marine industry, ecotourism, marketing plans, accommodations and transportation. Now matter what business you are in, your in the tourism business too. It’s not to late to attend. Lunch is included for the price of admission.


The quiz bowl is off and running with 8 teams from local schools competing for prizes and the honor of being the best. The competition is continuing today at the St. Croix education Complex. The education components of the Mega Youth Festival begins today at the Reichhold Center. BET is making a video for national broadcast today too.

Coast Guard Cutter

Are we going to lose our Coast Guard Cutter? Not if Congressman Victor Frazer has his way. The Congressman is meeting with Coast Guard officials to try to save our cutter. He said, we have been declared a high intensity drug trafficiking zone, it hardly makes sense to remove a drug traffic fighter like the Coast Guard cutter.


St. Croix is hosting the Science fair this week at the Sunny Isle Shopping Center. That’s from Wednesday to Friday. And did you know that today is national teacher appreciation Day? Gov. Schneider thanked his teachers at his medal of honor ceremony – take a moment today to thank a teacher who made a difference in your life, and it won’t hurt to thank you kids teachers too.

Chief Minister of Montserrat

The Chief Minister of Montserrat sent a letter expressing his deepest thanks to the of the Virgin Islands for our effort to aid them while they are living under the shadow of the volcano. The Lady Romney is en route to Montserrat with our donations, despite a theft of some of the supplies. In the latest report from the volcano, it has been calm the last 24 hours.


There’s a town meeting coming up tomorrow for St. John Tuesday may 7 at the Boulon Center. Rocky Liburd is talking Bulaha Dalmida Smith to attend to help deal with an update of all projects upcoming on St. John. It is open to all residents.

Mentors at UVI for kids.

A mentor is defined as a more senior person who takes you under their wing to aid and direct you in life. As of today there are 28 elementary school students have mentors from the UVI. The fraternity brothers of Alpha Kappa Alpha decided to sponsor the mentorship program and they came forward to be the guides and advisors to the elementary age kids. Elders giving direction to youngsters – that’s good news.