Friday, May 24, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Public Hearings About A Traffic Problem

Over 100 people turned out last night at the Legislature Building to discuss the proposals to rearrange traffic flow around the legislature building. The ideas ranged from limiting the number of cars on the island to plans for taxi’s to get to visitors more easily. The concerns for the flow of cars on the road and the flow of pedestrians across the highway provoked hot discussion as did the whole question of landfilling the harbor. The core issue is the steady growth of the car population at 4% a year.

Minimum Wage and Section 936

Congress has a bill in the works to minimum wages, but it contains provisions that would phase out the federal tax provisions called the Section 936 tax breaks for Puerto Rico and the Territories. Our special tax considerations are in danger in the latest version of the bill that would raise the minimum wage. Puerto Rico delegate Romero-Barcelo wrote to other congressmen to say that subsidizing small business in the 50 states with taxes collected from the poorest jurisdictions in preposterous, indeed outrageous.

Art Bell research

On Tuesday Night this station aired the Art Bell show. Some callers to that show had some crude racial comments suggesting that there were no black inventors or black scientists. Callers to this station said they were offended by the remarks. At WSTA we responded by doing some research on the internet and located biographies of hundreds of famous black inventors and black scientists. We sent this information to Art Bell by e-mail. Art Bell wrote back by e-mail saying he was also offended by the comments. He is in a mixed racial marriage, you can tell that the offense is real.

St. Croix Trees

Remember St. Croix had the tree planting program that put trees on a highway median strip, then they had to be removed. Well, the trees have a new home and you can help plant them. On Saturday at 7 AM Fifty four (54) trees will be planted in Cramer’s Park St. Croix . Come out Saturday and help plant a tree at Cramer’s Park.

Caribbean Volcano Speaker

There’s a special presentation on Caribbean Volcanos at the Legislature Building at 7 PM. Dr. Harold Sigurdsson of the University of Rhode Island will be explaining how volcanoes operate and some of the latest research on the subject. Science teachers and emergency planners are specifically called to come. That’s volcanologist Dr. Harold Sigardsson tonight at the Legislative Chambers on St. Thomas.


  • UVI Little Theater has Playboy of the West Indies each night at 8 PM in the UVI little theater.
  • Addelita Cancaryn Junior High School Honors Night at 6 PM at the CAHS Auditorium. Come congratulate the honors students.
  • Association. of Caribbean Organizations. Unity in diversity – A Cultural Perspective 100 exotic and original dishes from 28 different countries. There are dancers from Africa and the Zombie Dance, sculptors, artists Victor’s New Hideout Friday and Saturday
  • Saturday: About Face Inc. Discovery Programs has a workshop on Saturday at the Bovoni Community Center from 9 to 4 with lessons in how to raise a trouble free child.
  • Sat: AARP Chapter 3138 will remind its members of the monthly meeting Saturday at 2 PM at St Andrews Fellowship Hall.
  • St. Croix Central High Class of 71 meeting at MidLand Bar and restaurant 5:30PM.
  • CAHS Class of 81 meeting at 6 PM at room 194B Final chance to pay for class trip to Washington.

Memorial Day

On Monday there’s a ceremony for Memorial Day at 11:30 at Roosevelt Veterans Memorial park. Hosted by American Legion Post 90 under command of Albert Mercer. Miss Germaine Maduro who is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War will be the guest speaker. Governor Schneider will have remarks. Memorial Day is the most revered day for Veterans. It’s not just about remembering those who died it’s about the the survivors, the gold star mothers, the children, the relatives and friends. Everyone has been touched by the death of a veteran. Come comemorate their lives on Monday.