Friday, May 17, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


We have better Hurricane forecasting this season

This hurricane season the people who look at hurricanes have two satellites taking pictures for us not just one. New computers systems will give a 72 hour forecast 20 minutes after the data is in. They also have a new jet airplane to do higher level analysis of a storm. The airplane crews that fly into hurricanes are relocating their summer base to St. Croix and they will be flying out of St. Croix instead of Antigua. The Port Authority has waived the hurricane watcher’s landing fees. Looks like we should have better hurricane forecasting this year.

Horse Racing This Sunday

There’s horse racing this Sunday. Fans parking is in the vacant lot next to the Nadir Basketball Court. Horse owners, grooms and other staff need a special pass to the races. Get it today by 5 PM at the Subbase office of Housing, Parks and Recreation. Horse owners you must be registered. Of course, WSTA will bring you the horse racing live for free right here on the Lucky 13.

Rules Committee Acts

The Senate rules committee tabled the law to change the tax on foreign sales corporations. They approved the law to allow the police to sell confiscated property, and approved applying accumulated sick leave in retirement planning for GERS members. Those bills are on to the full senate.

Launch with Larry

Here’s another step on the recovery process. Larry Donahue of Launch with Larry announced that the channel between Frenchtown and Hassel’s island is open again and the telephone cable to Hassel’s island has been restored. Larry has also recommisisioned the original Water Island ferry boat after using an emergency boat for the last 8 months and the original ferry should be back on the job in a few days. And Larry says watch for new harbor tours from Launch with Larry.

Virgin Islands Business Journal

The Virgin Islands Business Journal is back and the ownership is all local. Mel Plaskett and a group of local investors bought the Virgin Islands Weekly Journal and renamed it the Virgin Islands Business Journal again. The journal will focus on local business and stories that will aid entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

$10,000 for Montserrat

We raised $10,000 for Montserrat. Local residents made generous contributions that brought a total of $10,000 together as a donation to the residents of Montserrat to defray the costs of the evacuation.

Linette Smith.

Its Friday, the big day for local born Linette Smith. She’s in Las Vegas sweating out the last hours before the Miss Universe Contest. It is tonight. Say your prayers for Linette Smith.

Youth Conservation Jobs

National Parks Youth Conservation Jobs are available. This is a work and learn program that pays young people $4.65 an hour and gives them valuable work experience with our national parks. On STT call 775-6238 on St. Croix 773-1460


  • UVI Jazz Ensemble will hold its annual concert this evening at 7:30 in the Cafeteria 
  • Kean School Alumni meeting at 6:30 in the library. 
  • CAHS Class of 86 meeting at Dober school at 5:30. 
  • The Annual Police Week Variety Day is this evening at 7 PM at Hidden Castle Drive-in, St. Croix 
  • Does your insurance cover mental illness? Come to Juan Luis Hospital in St. Croix from 7 to 9 PM to learn more about insurance coverage of mental illness. 
  • The Unity Dancers and the first Dance Explosion is this evening at St. Croix Education Complex at 7PM. 
  • The fourth Honor of Honors Parade is coming on Sunday. Sen Judy Gomez reminds you that academic excellence is the topic. Start at Emile Griffin Park 2 PM

Zion Assembley Church

Finally this: Zion Assembley Church has a Youth and Family Seminar tonight at 7 PM and tomorrow from 9 AM. The topic is to save our youth from violence, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, peer pressure and family breakdown. Bus transportation is available from McDonalds in Wheatly Center, Lima’s, Pueblo in 4 Winds, Domino Pizza at Nisky and Emancipation Garden. The bus leaves at 6:30 Friday and at 8:30 AM Saturday. That’s good news for families.