Tuesday, March 18, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Delegate Christian-Green gets two good Caucuses

Delegate Christian-Green has been added to two important caucuses in the US Congress. Without a vote, our Delegate does most of her work in the caucuses – so they are important. She is now a part of the Children’s Health Care Task Force and she has also been included in the caucus on Juvenile Justice and Crime. Delegate Christian-Green is the first female physician ever in Congress so these assignments are right on target for her. 03/18/97 7:32 AM

Governor calls Taxi Drivers to Help

The Governor called three members of the Taxi Association to Government House to ask their help to counter the negative publicity the taxi dispute has created. “He said, “There is a problemÖ If people stop coming here you won’t be making any money. Period.” Among the topics discussed they are planning a brochure to explain what services are available at the Airport. 03/18/97 7:29 AM

10% Surtax on Corp. Taxes

Ouch, this is expensive, the Bureau of Internal Revenue reminds all corporate tax payers that there is a 10% surcharge on your tax liability. The Tax Surcharge must be paid based on the reported income on form 1120. March 15th is the due date for many tax payers. For questions on the 10% surcharge call 774-5865 x249 03/18/97 8:34 AM

New Road Work

Mariendahl Road is going to get a major upgrade. They will be busy through Sept laying down 8,874 of asphalt pavement, plus drainage, swales and culverts. This is a result of the Governor’s Task Force meeting with the community leaders and residents of Fortuna, and Mariendahl. They are upgrading the unsafe roads in those communities. There will be more road upgrading territory wide 03/18/97 7:40 AM

Gomez School Safety

The Joseph Gomez School has new traffic signs to keep cars off campus during morning and afternoon hours. The new signs say Do Not Enter between 7 and 8 AM and between 2 PM and 3:30.

Two Human Services Divisions Come To Knud Hansen Complex

Catherine Mills says two Human Services offices are coming home. The offices of Children, Youth and Families Division in the Spenceley building is moving to the Knud Hansen Complex. Same for the offices of Home and Nutrition in Havensight. They are moving to the Knud Hansen Complex, too. Both offices will close March 24th and reopen April 1st. 03/18/97 7:43 AM

On the sore spot report:

The Sore Spot Hot Line rang. The caller wants to know why there is no room for local vendors in this year’s carnival village. She said she has had a booth in the village every year, but she’s been told that the carnival rides will use all the space and no local booths this year. Can we fix that? 03/18/97 7:34 AM

National Agriculture Week

It is National Agriculture Week and there are activities in the Virgin Islands. The open house at the St. Thomas Abattoir is tomorrow Friday the 21st, there is an open house at St. Thomas Dairy and at Estate Dorothea you can learn plant propagation. On Saturday the big islands have Farmers Markets to showcase all food produced in the Virgin Islands . 03/17/97 9:38 AM

Public Hearings

The project to widen Veterans drive from the legislature to Long Bay road will be open to public hearing tomorrow at 6:00 PM at CAHS auditorium Also tomorrow, Senate Committee on Education will be holding hearings on the state of the University of the Virgin Islands. That’s tomorrow at 7:00 PM

Safety First

Senator Roosevelt David and Senator Gomez are making good news. They heard about an old gas tank outside Lockhart school and recognized a safety problem. The senators got St. Thomas Gas Company to come take the empty tank away. 03/18/97 8:39 AM

Marilyn Stapleton’s Good News

Democratic Chairwoman Marilyn Stapleton has held the post of state chairperson for the longest time in the whole Democratic Party. She has had the job since 1986 with a break from ë88 to ë90, making her the old hand of the Democratic Party. That’s Marilyn Stapleton’s good news.

The Water Island Report

We recognize in the interest of welcoming Water Island to the US Virgin Islands that the Last Virgin deserves its own news report. As a result, every day at 3:00 PM we will broadcast our Water Island Report.

The Dept. of Agriculture is coming to Water Island to hold their first ornamental landscaping class That’s Thursday at 10AM Also this Thursday evening there is a meeting at the beach pavilion to discuss the demolition of the old hotel and catchement and removal of the asbestos and debris.

Water island now has its own web page – still under construction, but wait til you see what we put there. Now go see the map – http://www.usvi.net/water. That’s the Water Island Report.