Tuesday, March 11, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Tim Duncan for a Medal of Honor

Duncan of the Wake Forrest University basketball team could get the Medal Tim of Honor. The Governor sais Tim is a hero for staying in college to finish his degree. He honored the wishes of his late mother that he finish college. This is the underlying reason Tim is a Hero. The Governor cites Tim’s good will and he wants to tap Tim as an ambassador of the Virgin Islands after his graduation. 03/11/97 7:26 AM

Gov Signs Bill to Name Proudfoot Drive

The Governor signed the bill to name the Maud Proudfoot Drive. The governor pointed to her 30 years of meritorious service in social work and reason to honor her memory permanently. Public Works is preparing the signs and a ceremony will be scheduled later. 03/11/97 7:28 AM

Taxi Association Keeps Airport Franchise

The Taxi Association won another round of the battle over the right to pick up passengers at the airport. The Judge ruled that the Taxi Association has an exclusive right to pick up passengers. This does not preclude other vehicles from picking up passengers as part of a package. The Hotel Association and Caneel Bay say they will appeal the decision. 03/11/97 8:40 AM

Anguilla Landfill Still Operating

Anne Abramson reminds the public that the Anguilla Landfill is still in operation while the new waste recovery system is planned.

Relief Flight to Montserrat

American Eagle Airline is going to airlift relief supplies to Montserrat. The airline will send 7000 pounds of donated relief supplies from their base in Puerto Rico. Individual relief packages can be taken as long as they conform to the urgently needed list. Here’s a number in Puerto Rico, 787-725-5354. 03/10/97 2:22 PM

Who is behind that tinted glass?

The Gov signed a law to permit special dark glass on vehicles assigned to the top government officials, visiting dignitaries, jurors and for other official vehicles. This was done in the interest of safety and security. Or is it to let someone hide? 03/11/97 7:29 AM

Youth Rehabilitation Center – Separate the Violent from Others

Senate looked at our prisons last night with mostly staff of Human Services on hand. The conclusion: We need to separate our truly violent prisoners from everyone else. Tonight the Senate holds hearings on AT&T Cable drilling mess. Did the mud damage sea grass beds, coral reefs and was a milk conch breeding ground damage. How can AT&T fix the mess ? 03/10/97 10:41 AM

Good News Guy’s Good News!

Don’t miss the news item in today’s Daily News about the Used Computers on Page 18. It’s my good news. I wrote the book on how to run a used computer brokerage business back in 1983 and the businesses discussed in the news story are owned by people who read my book. Well, I’m not in that business anymore, I am here taking care of your good news, instead of trading computer hardware. And frankly, your good news is a lot more fun that trading computer hardware. 03/11/97 9:43 AM

Don’t Miss Hale-Bopp

The Comet Hale Bopp is a wonderful sight in the early morning dawn. If you live on the north side or where you get a clear view to the north east, go out between about 5:30 and 6Am and look into the northeast sky. The comet looks like a smudge, rather than a star and its tail is easily visible with the naked eye. Its worth getting up to see. 03/11/97 7:44 AM