Tuesday, March 04, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Trash Dispute is Over

The government will pay the trash haulers so St. Croix trash will not pile up. They are getting paid today, and a review of all moneys due and taxes due. All trash haulers are going through a legal review of existing contracts to correct all the issues that remain, and write fresh contracts for the haulers working without a contract. 03/04/97 7:28 AM

Taxi Decision delayed

In the taxi wars, the Judge has decided to hold off making a decision until March the 10th. She extended the temporary restraining order that keeps East End taxis from carry passengers from the airport to the east. The East End Taxi Association is considering a restraining order to keep the Taxi Association drivers from picking up Red Hook passengers. They are hurling lawyers and court orders at each other. 03/04/97 7:18 AM

Our DPNR gets applause from EPA

Our Department of Planning and Natural Resources is getting good grades for it s work. Governor Schneider said he got a call from Washington EPA and they have high praise of our guys. They are working together and there are a number of projects in the works – the wastewater treatment plant, and a pollution discharge Elimination Program. 03/04/97 9:45 AM

$1000 fine if you park in Handicapped Spot.

The Government Operations Committee met yesterday under Roosevelt David and they heard testimony on a proposed bill to raise the fine for parking in a handicapped parking space from $100 to $1000. They passed the bill on to the Rules Committee. 03/04/97 9:48 AM

“I Revealed New Landfill Site” Hansen

Senator “Chucky” Hansen says she is the one who forced the Governor’s hand to reveal the planned location of the St. Croix landfill. She is asking the Lt. Gov. for a full analysis of the change in property values in the area around the proposed Humbug site on St. Croix. 03/04/97 8:43 AM

Renewed Housing Authority Building Complete

The Housing Authority reopened the Nicasio Nico housing project in St. Croix after the Hurricane Marilyn damage made it unlivable. The new buildings meet the new stringent building code and they have much improved interior spaces. The Housing Authority is calling them the Condominium of public housing. 03/04/97 9:45 AM

Commuter Incentive Tax – Dead

No one wants the proposed Commuter Incentive Tax. At last nights hearings, three came to testify and all spoke against the tax. The senators on hand declared the Commuter Incentive Tax dead on arrival. One speaker called for a change in the current Gross receipts Tax so that all IDC businesses would pay the same taxes as the rest of us. 03/04/97 9:45 AM

Work Together to Fight Crime

Do we have too many break ins. Sam from June’s Saloon reports he’s been broken into twice in the last week. And a neighbor had a man trying to break into the sliding glass door. Sam says we all have to watch each others back. If you see anything unusual going on at your neighbors house Call the police and report it. Together we can take a bite out of crime. 03/03/97 3:59 PM

Teacher Tests

The Department of Education announced that new applicants to teach in our schools will have to pass a test to get to be a teacher. The test is called the National Teacher Examination Praxis 1 Academic Skills Assessment Test. Test dates are May 3rd and July 12 for incoming teachers. The test is designed to test reading, writing and mathematics skills in teachers. 03/03/97 3:59 PM

Special Classes of Teen Parents

Liston Davis says he is exploring options for the education of teen mothers in the school. The schools are going to open a special program for pregnant students – parenting class and counseling geared to the pregnant teen. They may even put the fathers in special classes too. Liston Davis is seeking comments and input from the community 03/03/97 3:23 PM

Habla Usted Español?

This is foreign language week at Addelita Cancaryn Junior High School. Tuesday there is a bilingual poetry recital. On Wednesday, Addelita Cancaryn Junior High School has a simulated Caribbean market and Thursday there is a tasty treat of English, French and Spanish delights. There’s a movie in room 108 and salsa for lunch every day. Muy Bien, for Foreign language week. 03/03/97 8:43 AM

Mocko Jumbie Jamboree News

Good News from the Mocko Jumbie Jamboree. This year’s stilt dancers are being sponsored by local companies. Hook Line and Sinker is going to sponsor Emily (Lutz) Luscz. — H.E. Lockhart Management is going to sponsor Alendria Jackson — Globalvest LP is the sponsor for (Ash-walk Ab-dill-a-hee) Ashwaq Abdillahi. You can see Mocko Jumbie Jamboree in the Adult Parade April 26th.