Thursday, March 20, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Traveler Magazine puts US Virgin Islands on Top 100 Summer Vacation Spots

The US Virgin Islands was honored again. Top Destination for Travelers. You say you already know that. This is different, Vacations Magazine put all three of our big islands in their top 100 Summer Vacations. Statesiders already know us as a winter vacation, now Vacation’s Magazine says come to the Virgin Islands for your Summer Vacation. They called the Virgin Islands the top off-season escape. That’s Martin PR at work again. 03/20/97 8:34 AM

Essay Contest Time

It is essay contest time again. Conde Nast Traveler Magazine is hosting a contest for a 250 word essay on My Caribbean island’s Most Extraordinary View. The prizes are 2000. FCCA is also sponsoring an essay contest – say in 500 words How the Cruise Industry and My Country Work Together. Top prizes is 3000 dollars. Due date is April 30th 03/20/97 9:15 AM

Senate Passes Casino Friendly Amendments

The Senate passed the amendments to the Casino Control Act which is now ready for the governor to approve or reject. The path is now paved for a more streamlined operations of the Casino commission and a less expensive way to monitor gaming in the Virgin Islands. The Dept. of Labor is beginning to register companies that want to provide goods and services to the gaming industry. On St. Croix Call 773-1440 and on St. Thomas call 776-3700 03/20/97 8:40 AM

Our Status is nextÖ

Delegate Christian-Green is monitoring the Puerto Rico status bill now in Congress to give the people of Puerto Rico a vote on their status. What happens with Puerto Rico will set the president and tone for our status. The delegate is also working on plans to soften the impact of the Welfare Reform Law – the most important change she is seeking is to have the territories treated like a state in the child care provisions of the bill. She is also working to change the guidelines for poverty.03/20/97 8:42 AM

Which Highway Plan – Still in Doubt.

Also last night, Dept. of Public Works held public hearings on the proposal to widen Veterans Drive. They are still trying to decide which of three options to pursue. The Government officials prefer the plan to route Veterans Drive around the legislature building but requires the most landfill. The opponents of landfill are calling for no change. The price of the work may stall all efforts. 03/20/97 7:44 AM

Retroactive Pay Negotiation?

Senate Majority leader Burke and Union President Tito Morales are squaring off over the topic of Government employees retroactive pay. Burke wants to open negotiations about the retroactive-pay and cut the cost. Morales says the unions are not going to bear the brunt of the Government’s financial problems. Morales says he is against the Merit System. Senator Burke thinks it’s insulting to tell government employees that merit doesn’t matter. People get paid whether they work or not. There should be some recognition of merit and hard work. 03/20/97 7:38 AM

Water Island Report

On Thursday evening there is a meeting at the beach pavilion to discuss the demolition of the old hotel and catchment and removal of the asbestos and debris. That’s the Water Island Report.

UVI future is clouded.

UVI future is clouded. At hearings last night President Orville Kean said, “We are at the end of our line. The university is running out of money.”Some programs are already being shut down. There may be no summer session, the fall session is a question mark too. 03/19/97 2:35 PM

Generator Repair

Who said they don’t learn anything useful in school. The students at the Theodora Dunbavin Alternative Education School just finished a course in repairing electricity generators. Now, they are looking for generators to fix. With Hurricane Season coming, it is a good time to have the students get your generator back in top condition. Call 713-9118

UVI and International Women’s Month

UVI is celebrating International Women’s Month with these workshops at 9:30AM on Health and Fitness, at 10:45 the topic is Women and Business, from 2:00 PM the topic is Family and Education. All in room CA-302. Women in Politics is at 8:00 PM in the Student Activities Center.

Here’s your math counts problem

Express as a fraction the sum of the reciprocal of the first two prime numbers! MathCounts and 16 students took their turns solving math problems as the field of candidates was narrowed down to the top Mathletes. The final four are Joey Wallace of Good Hope School, Justin Wheatley and Dareem Potter of All Saints and The top Mathlete is 14 years old Kate Groner of Country Day School. Now they are off to Washington in May for the national MathCounts. 03/20/97 7:46 AM

New business alert.

Benjamin Hi-Tech Driving school has a driving simulator, so you learn to drive in the safety of a small room rather than on the road. Benjamin Hi Tech is the first company with the simulator in the region, so it is worth the ride. 03/19/97 8:12 AM

Talent Show

Coming up on Saturday there are auditions for the Ms. J. Talent show for singers, dancers, models and steppers, rappers instruments, all ages and all folks, Bring your own music and get discovered! Comedy too. Lots of prizes and chances to show your star qualities. At Insomnia on Saturday 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Insomnia Night Club