Thursday, March 13, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Carnival Queens were introduced

Carnival Queens were introduced at a program last evening at Frenchman’s Reef. The Carnival Committee announced the contestants and their sponsors. The young ladies are Tisa Pacquette, Celeste L. Rogers, Taisha Regina Gomes and Petrani E. Cornelius.

New Police Business Initiative to Fight Crime

Police Commissioner Ramon Davila announced a new Police initiative. The will be a new hot line for anonymous callers, new rewards for information that helps solve a crime. The police will re-enacting certain crimes, and teach the public more about how to avoid crime. The police will have specific checklists to monitor when they are on patrol. 03/13/97 8:21 AM

Blood Drive This First Day Goal

The Red Cross blood drive hit their first day goal of 70 pints of blood. The goal for the week is 500 pints. Lorraine Berry donated blood, so did Addie and the Good News Guy. I did it. I’m a chicken. It’s painless. It’s easy. It will make a difference in the world. The blood drive continues today at Tropical Shipping and at Gold’s Gym. Tomorrow and Saturday at Tutu Park Mall. If you can’t give blood, the Red Cross Ball is coming up, March 22nd. For reservations Call 779-2933.

Government going after First Virgin Islands Bank

The Business Journal reports today that the Virgin Islands Government Bank Board is going to take First Virgin Islands Bank to Court to recover inspection fees that the banks shouldn’t have held. Lieutenant Governor Mapp issued orders last April release the inspection fees on insurance proceeds. It isn’t chicken feed, there is 100,000 dollars at issue here. 03/13/97 8:21 AM

New Episcopal Bishop in Virgin Islands

The Reverand Theodore A. Daniels 3rd was elected on the first ballot at the new Bishop, the 4th Bishop of the Diocese of the Virgin Islands at St Georges on Tortola British Virgin Islands. The Diocese has been wirthout a bishop since 1994 and Rev Daniels is coming in from Washington DC to serve the Episcopal Church in the Virgin Islands. 03/12/97 2:14 PM

New TV Commercial is Home Grown

The new Virgin Islands TV Commercial is going to be home made. Flicks Productions has a casting call is Friday and Saturday. They need boys and girls, ages 3 to 12, middle age men, athletic men, and beautiful women. On St. Thomas is at Flicks Productions on Raphune Hill Friday from 3 to 8 and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 in the afternoon. On St. Croix, it’s at Anchor Inn Hotel. 777-5952 03/11/97 2:18 PM

Work to Remain #1

Wylie Whisonant is at the Florida cruise ship conference. He says the whole cruise ship industry is growing dramatically with larger ships, and more destinations. Whisonant says we have to work hard to remain the top port in the world. The passengers get such a high level of service on the ship they come to expect it when they get off the ship. That calls for more hospitality training. 03/13/97 8:17 am

No Right to Strike

The Governor sent the legislature a bill to reclassify Airport Rescue Firemen, Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses as Class 3 employees which would prevent them from striking or any work stoppage saying the work it too important to subject to a strike. 03/13/97 8:36 AM

Sore Spot Hot Line:

Our caller wants to know why line of buildings look so bad right where the airport road meets Moravian Drive. The buildings look shabby, the laundry sign is half gone and the red roof is a poor first impression from the airport. Governor, Can we make this first impression spot look better?

Coming Up:

  • Saturday is the Annual Father-Son Day for the Lockhart PTA. The party is a Magen’s Bay Beach from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM with Volleyball, water games, dominos, guest speakers, and mots more. Bring a dish of food. Call Mario Frances at 776-0101 if you need a ride.

NetDay ’97 Coming Up

The Federation of Teachers is reminding all teachers of the upcoming Net Day on March 22nd. They are suggesting that teachers come out to support Net Day. Glen Smith says that “the means is here now to grasp the technology we so desperately need. Please make every effort to be come out and support Net Day.” United we Stand, Divided we fall.