Saturday, March 08, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


No PCB’s in WAPA’s Water

WAPA doesn’t have a PCB problem after all. Remember the Daily News raised a question about the possibility of PCB leakage into Krum Bay. They even thought the PCB’s might be in our water intake. Well relax, The testing is done and the concentrations are well below EPA standards. They are not in the water supply results are good. No PCB leaks in Krum Bay. Good News – false alarm. 03/07/97 1:34 PM

Answers to the Landfill Questions

The Landfill problem is not a false alarm. Residents around Estate Humbug learned last night in their public eharings that the Governor’s State of Emergency means that the zoning and permitting process can be circumvented. Having declared a state of emergency, the whole process of starting the solid waste recovery system in Humbug can be expedited. Residents were furious. David

New Store Complex Breaks Ground

Port of Sale is beginning in the open lot between the Havensight Mall and Wendy’s. Look for 8 months of construction to produce a new shopping center with outlet stores, budget shopping and off-price retail. No store names have been released to date. 03/07/97 8:44 AM

Downtown Mall starts Monday

The Main Street Mall is coming back. Beginning Monday there will be no parking on Main Street. Storve Tvaer Gade has 1 hour parking, So will Veterans Annex along the waterfront from Chase to Banco Popular. Taxci’s will only get 5 minutes to load and unload on Main Street. There is a plan for shuttle busses but they won’t start on Monday. We’ll keep you posted. 03/07/97 7:42 AM

Delegate Christian-Green met with President Clinton

Delegate Christian-Green met with President Clinton at the White House at a meeting about Women’s Month. She got the President’s ear and discussed the idea of the Nation’s Health, as a doctor she supports neeedle exchange programs to fight AIDS transmission. She also talked with the President about our financial plight. Clinton designated and aide to follow up on her suggestions. The President said he enjoyed his vacation here and hoped it had a positive effect on tourism. Christian-Green is in Hershey Pennsylvania today as part of the Congressional Retreat.

Havensight Road Getting Repaved

Dept. of Public Works will be paving from Havensight to the top of the hill at Frenchman’s Bay intersection. That’s all day Saturday and Sunday from around 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Please assist this project by using alternate routes. There will be major delays on the road from Havensight to the top of the hill and down. 03/07/97 9:24 AM

Coming Up:

  • The Ivan (E-von) Jadan Museum on St. John has a special seminar at 10:00 AM , 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM on Jenip St. between Gallows Point and Battery Hill. 
  • Lockhart Elementary Parent Teacher Association you are holding a campus cleanup today and tomorrow. Bring your weed wacker and gloves. 
  • In Line Skating will be training an in-line skate safety patrol. On Sunday from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM and again in the afternoon, that’s at Winston Raymo Recreation Center You can learn to be in the in-line skate safety patrol. 
  • Territorial Committee of the Independent Citizen’s Movement is meeting today at 10 at Victor’s New Hideout 
  • The Girl Scouts 85th anniversary parade is Saturday March 8th at 10:00 AM western cemetery to David Monsanto Bandstand in Emancipation Garden 
  • Addelita Cancaryn Basketball has a Car Wash today from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Cancaryn School campus. 
  • Education Station has a book signing Saturday from 11 AM with Dr. Wycherly Gumbs. And tomorrow I will be one of the judges at the Education Station model car competition. I am inviting everyone who loves to build models to bring them to Education Station for this event. That’s Sunday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. That Education Station, they’re always making good news.