Saturday, March 01, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


How much does food cost on St. Thomas?

Senator Redfield released a market basket study of commonly purchased food items. The St. Thomas consumer paid over 144 dollars for the market basket, while the same basket of food cost 116 dollars on Puerto Rico and in Washington DC the same food cost 111 dollars. Our food is 22.7% more expensive that in Washington. Redfield says he bringing in the food store mangers to get answers. 02/28/97 4:12 PM

Fire Takes Two on St. John

A tragic fire took two lives on St. John yesterday. Valiant efforts by the fire service and the St. John volunteers prevented a the fire from spreading to other buildings around the fire. The cause of the fire is still unknown. 03/01/97 7:17 AM

New Parking Lot in Subbase

The Governor cut the ribbon at a new parking lot in front of property and procurement offices in Subbase. The new lot eliminates an overgrown lot with a new surface, there are entries, exits and no mud or trash.

Adding Lawyers to Taxi Dispute

They throwing lawyers in to the taxi conflict. The Hotel Association is beginning litigation to ensure that their clients can travel in a variety of vehicles, and take direct trips. The Hotel Association says, one taxi association can not determine the level of service all visitors to our islands receive.” We should get a decision from the judge on Monday on the taxi conflict.

What’s That Weigh?

This is weights and measures week in the Virgin Islands. We use the scales in the food store, our gas pumps measure how much gas we buy. There are dozens of scales and measures in our lives and this is the week that we recognize the stability these measures give our lives. The law to create the national weights and measures was enacted 198 years ago. 03/01/97 8:37 AM

New Smoking Rule in Effect

New regulation require cigarette vendors to check the age of their buyers. If you are a tobacco smoker under the age of 27 they are supposed to ask for photo ID. And no one under the age of 18 can purchase cigarettes. 03/01/97 7:36 AM

Saturday Senator

Senator Donastorg announced this week that he now has Saturday office hours from 9:00 AM to noon. If you can’t see your senator during the week Call him now 774-4518

Help Make Good News:

Here’s a chance to make some good news. Americorp is calling for volunteers at Tiny Tots Playground. The Lions Club East, Women’s Resource Center and Legal Services are all working at Tiny Tots Playground in Smith’s Bay. from 9:00 AM 02/28/97 8:35 AM

Coming Up:

  • Best Car Wash Ever today begins at 9:00 AM at CAHS Gym 
  • Education Station has a book signing with Maurice Leyland at 11 On Sunday 
  • Miss J’s Fashion Show is at L’Escargo Proceeds will take the Special Education Class to Disney World. That’s Sunday at L’Escargo

Red Cross Ball

Write this date down, March 22 is the date of the Red Cross ball. This gala affair will be the event of the season. Call for reservations 779-2933. The National Red Cross was recently lauded as the best run charity in the country. Their audits are all excellent.

Teen Pregnancy Conference

Toys You Can’t Throw Away was the theme of the SPARKS conference at Windward Passage. It was all about stopping early teen pregnancy. One mother made it clear Education is the key – awareness of how to manage your life and the self respect to avoid getting pregnant. 03/01/97 7:20 AM

Austin Hansen in 1997 World Almanac

Finally this: You already know that Austin Hansen is a renowned photographer and that we was born on St. Thomas. You didn’t know that Austin Hansen is listed in the 1997 World Almanac. The latest issue of the World Almanac includes Austin Hansen.