Monday, March 31, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Fishing OK in the British Virgin Islands

It’s only bad for the fish. Governor Schneider and Chief Minister O’Neal of the British Virgin Islands agreed on a procedure for US fishing boats to use the North Slope without having to clear BVI Customs in West End. The Governor said that now, fishing boats can radio their intent to fish in BVI waters and not stop at West End. The fishing industry is worth 25 million a year to the Virgin Islands economy. Less bureaucracy, more fishing. It is only bad news for the fish. 03/31/97 8:36 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Tempreature: 79 Degrees Water Temp: 70 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Transfer Day Ceremony Today

Today is Transfer Day and there will be a ceremony at the Legislature Building. The musical introduction begins 3:00 PM and the program begins at 3:30 PM. Danish Foreign Minister Niels Helvig Petersen will be a featured speaker. The ceremony will reenact recounts this day in 1917 when the Danish flag was replaced by the Stars and Stripes. We’ll have it live on WSTA. 03/31/97 8:36 AM

More On Seante Agenda

Governor Schneider added one item to tomorrow’s special session of the senate. The original plan was to pass nominees to the parole board. The Governor has added a bill to allow the Government to withhold gross receipts tax on payment due to vendors. That allows the government to deduct taxes from payments which will make the payments smaller. The bill comes up tomorrow. 03/31/97 8:36 AM

Social Security Moving

The Social Security Administration is moving their claims processing center out of the Federal Building to Nisky Plaza. The Social Security people serve 11,000 people and inject 74 million into the economy so Elder care is very important. The new offices had to be on a bus route, with plenty of parking, in a central location with handicap access. Nisky has it all and after the Hurricane Marilyn reconstruction the spaces in Nisky are beautiful again. 03/31/97 8:36 AM

Rolex Regatta Recap

4 races, 84 boats and one winner in the 24th annual Rolex Regatta. The fastest boat was Cachondo from Puerto Rico followed by Peter Holmberg in Equation and the third was Maurice Krug’s CellOne. Longhorn won for style and the Johnson Reef award for the boat with the most spectacular disaster went to Son of Syndicate which was involved in a collision.

Carnival Fireworks

  • Yes there will be fireworks for carnival. The fireworks display is coming from the first family of fireworks, the Zambelli family of Pennsylvania and there will be 2,500 shells fired from a barge in the harbor. That slated for Saturday April 26th at 9:00 PM – 03/31/97 8:36 AM

Coming Up:

East End Lions Club has their annual Easter Egg hunt today at Tiny Tots Playground in Smith Bay that’s from 10:00 AM – to 1:00 PM. µ The Al McBean Little League has a tutorial for baseball players today at 3:30 PM – at the Al McBean Ballpark. – Tomorrow: Public Schools are back in session and Berthe C. Boschulte School Team G is meeting tomorrow in the Library at 12:30 PM.

Help Vania Become Miss Universe

I said Vania Thomas won Miss Universe. But the contest is still coming up. She hasn’t won yet, but she could win, if we all help our Miss Virgin Islands. Vania needs support: financial, special attire and she needs us to organize a post card mailing program. Can we get 110,000 post cards donated so everyone can send her one? Call the Virgin Islands Lions Club 777-5577 03/27/97 3:46 PM

Gomez School Queen

The Joseph Gomez school held its annual talent pageant to select a school representative for the year and to be in the parade. The winner is Shalia Moolenaar who is the Gomez school queen. That’s Shalia Moolenaar’s good news. 03/31/97 9:26 AM

Wanda Mills Good News

Good news from Wanda Mills – you know Wanda Mills Sounding Off. She is in a Doctoral program at Rutger’s University and she is participating in a two year research project. About the Black Atlantic – Race, Nation and Gender.

Water Island Report

On Saturday there was a memorial service for Walter Phillips. Governor Schneider Gave the main address. Nothing else happened on Water Island.