Monday, March 17, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Vania Thomas Going to Miss Universe Contest

Vania Thomas is the new Miss US Virgin Islands and she is going to the Miss Universe Contest. You know Vania as the hostess of Island Showcase and head of public relations for WTJX. She won the Lion Club’s contest at Frenchman’s Reef. Vania Thomas says she plans to win this one for the whole Virgin Islands. and promote the Virgin Islands through the Miss Universe contest so she needs our prayers and support. That’s Our Miss Virgin Islands on her way to Miss Universe. 03/17/97 8:34 AM

It is National Agriculture Week.

It is National Agriculture Week and there are activities in the Virgin Islands. The Gov reminds everyone that agriculture is the source of our food and nutrients. 17% of the American public is involved with some kind of agriculture. Wednesday March 19th is open house at the St. Thomas Abattoir. Thursday is Agriculture Day. Water Island has an Ornamental Landscaping Workshop and St. Croix has open house at the Dept. of Agriculture. Friday the 21st, there is an open house at St. Thomas Dairy and at Estate Dorothea you can learn plant propagation. On Saturday the big islands have Farmers Markets to showcase all food produced in the Virgin Islands . 03/17/97 9:38 AM

Road Work Ahead

Mariendahl Road is going to get a major upgrade. They will be busy through Sept laying down 8,874 square feet of pavement, plus drainage, swales and culverts. There is also a public hearing about the proposals to widen Veterans Drive to four lanes. That’s coming up on Wednesday March 19th at CAHS Auditorium

Sell The Tax Bills

Should the government sell its uncollected tax bills? The idea is to get some quick revene by selling the accounts receivable let the buyer fight for the money. Senator Gomez is concerned that a private entity to take the property of people who are financiallly pressed. She doesn’t want to see people thrown off their ancestral lands. 03/17/97 7:41 AM

Financial Control Board Bill

Senate President Lorraine Berry Amended her bill before the legislature that will create a financial control board. The changes will require the government to report within 30 days on the status of all borrowing from Government funds and accounts. Berry points to the daily financial crisis – trash haulers one week, the university in arears the next, the tax refund and the vendor payments are out of control. 03/17/97 8:44 AM

Water Island report

How can you tell Water Island is part of the Virgin Islands now? Because it is beginning to appear in the plans of different agencies of the government. The Dept. of Argiculture is holding its first ornamental landscaping class on Water Island on Thursday at 10AM and Thursday evening there is a meeting at the beach pavillion to discuss the demolition of the old hotel ruins and the asbestos lined catchment. That’s the Water Island News.

Coming Up:

Veterans Councelors usually come to the Virgin Islands in the last week of the month, but this month, the vet counselor is on St. Thomas at Bucaneer Mall on Thursday March 20th and on St. Croix at Estate Richmond on Frin Mar 21st. The counselor is open from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Carnival Bands

Its official – the Carnival Committee released the names of the bands that will compete on April 5th at 8:00 PM The Harmonics Band will lead off, then Emphasis Band, Imaginations, Positive Image, Jam Band and the Violators band will clsoe the contest at 1AM 03/17/97 7:47 AM

Marilyn Stapleton: Old Hand with Democrats

Democratic Chairwoman Marilyn Stapleton is the longest standing state chairperson in the whole democratic party. She has had the job since 1986 with a short break from 88 to 90, making her the old hand of the democratic party. That’s Marilyn Stapleton’s good news.

Where is Clinton Browne?

Finally this is Clinton Browne’s good news. He won second prize in the Housing Authority Youth Steel Orchestra’s raffle in July 1996. He’s never claimed his prize. Clinton Browne, you have a free round trip to Puerto Rico waiting for you.