Monday, March 10, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Main Street Mall

The Main Street Mall is back. No parking on Main Street for the next 30 days. There is parking on the side streets for limited periods of time. Taxi’s get 5 minutes to load and unload on the right side of Main Street. But no one can park on Main Street. There is a plan for shuttle busses but they won’t start today. We’ll keep you posted. 03/07/97 7:42 AM

Landfill Town Meeting

Friday Night’s Town Meeting about the landfill attracted over 300 people. Senator Donastorg called the Estate Humbug site inappropriate, it’s too close to homes. He is concerned that the Army Corp of Engineers has not been consulted on the site. In the state of emergency anything could happen. Hess said the Estate Humbug was better than the Government’s original choice in Estate Pearl. 03/08/97 9:52 AM

What is a State of Emergency Anyway?

Alicia Barnes clarified the Governor’s State of Emergency. It does not abridge, or abbreviate the local and federal permitting process for a landfill. She called for less hysteria. Humbug is not a dump but a solid waste recovery system. Fonsie wants to know why it can’t be built at the current landfill site. 03/10/97 7:38 AM

Governor Schneider Gives Orders for St. Croix Changes

Governor Schneider visited St. Croix business people over the weekend. He called for more police patrols in Downtown Christiansted and more lighting on Strand Street and King St. He inspected the Youth Rehabilitation Center and ordered up some improvements to security, repairs and renovations. 03/10/97 8:32 AM

Girl Scout Parade

Did you miss the Girl Scouts Parade on Saturday. It was the 85th Anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts. The Scouts brought out Senate President Lorraine Berry. She had high praise for the Girl Scouts. They build good citizens. Berry designated Thursday as Girl Scouts Day in the senate, they’ll give the girls an inside look at the senate.

Women Racing

Here’s more women’s month news. There is a road race coming up on March 16 for all women, It’s not about winning, its about health, fellowship and Companionship. Its OK to run with the stroller. Surely the women of St. Thomas can best the St. Croix women who get out 500 women to run. As Ophra would say Go Girls. 03/10/97 10:23 AM.

Red Cross Ball March 22

The Red Cross Ball is March 22 with a champagne reception, a full course seafood buffet, Dinner wine and dancing to the tune of Milo and the Kings and the Kings. Call 779-2933 for tickets.

Poet Hall of Fame!

Vivian Hester Bennerson of St. Croix is a poet, but not just an ordinary poet, she has been inducted into the International Poetry Hall of Fame. The St. Croix woman has been a resident since 1963 and draws upon her African and native American roots for the inspiration for her poems. Now she’s in the Hall of Fame.

Model Car Competition Winners

On Sunday Education Station held a highly competitive Model Car Competition. Lots of young people turned out with their carefully crafted car models . It was so good to see so many engaged in such wholesome activity. . Competition was hot. Among the seniors Thomas Santana took two trophies along with Corey Lettsome. Among the Teens Liefson Salido took two trophies and Craig Lettsome took the top prize. In the Juniors, the trophy winners were Richard Sasso, Antoine Brooks and Sander Randall.