Friday, March 21, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


First Ever – Native Water Islander

The island of Water Island, off the south shore of St. Thomas is a new member of the Territory of the US Virgin Islands. And now it has its first native born citizen. The first baby ever born on Water Island was delivered on the island Thursday night. 8lb 8oz Shane was born to Victoria and Scott. While other Water Island mothers have delivered on St. Thomas, Shane is the first delivery on Water Island itself. The first-ever Native Water Islander. 03/21/97 7:30 Water Island residents learned last night that the worst of their nightmares is almost over. Staff from the Federal Bureau of Reclamation explained how they are contracting for the removal of the asbestos panels in the old catchment and the demolition and removal of the ruins of the old hotel. They expect to begin work in June and have the job complete in December. Residents concerns were about asbestos dust and road restrictions. They were assured that the contractor must follow strict rules to prevent a health hazard and the roads will stay open. The deep water dock will also be reconstructed to its original specifications as part of the contract. 03/21/97 7:30 AM

New Rehabilitation Work – 12 Million Federal Dollars

Governor Schneider announced 12 million worth of rehabilitation projects that are all federally funded. The projects include: Paradise Mills Apts., Estate Paradise Subdivision, Castle Burke trailers, Lighting at Canagata Ballpark, resurfacing the Clarke Tennis Courts and Sion Farm Court lighting. On St. Thomas St. John the projects include, Rehabilitation of the apartments in Hospital ground and Estate Ross Taarnbjerg and 1.8 million for lighting at parks and recreation facilities. 03/20/97 4:01 PM

Rolex Regatta – Wireless

Vitelcellular is going to link up all the players in the Rolex Regatta. The giant sailing match is coming up on next week and communications has always been a critical part of coordinating a large number of sailing yachts. The cellular phone company is also going to help keep the yachtsmen in touch with home by offering free long distance for regatta sailors.

Tropicana Perfumery Sold

The Business Journal is reporting that Estelle Roth is selling Tropicana Perfumery to a St. Maarten Company after 40 years of local ownership. Tropicana claims to be the world’s largest perfume shop but Roth said the last few years were too much. After 25 years in the business what does she consider the top perfume? – it’s in the Business Journal. And this too. The cruise line business is strong, the top three players had combined earnings of 1 billion dollars for the first time in history. 03/21/97 9:17 AM

Roy News

The Governor proclaimed the week of March 24 to 28 to Energy Week in the Virgin Islands. The goal is to educate the public about our energy supply, energy and water conservation and what we can do to insure a bright energy future. This is the 18th annual Energy Week. The Gov. stopped in to see the Sts Peter and Paul Science Fair where the students had projects from simulating a nuclear reactor to fingerprinting. The Governor commended the science fair winners and commended them on engaging in a positive activity. 03/21/97 7:32 AM

Sell the Tax Bills?

Should the Government sell delinquent tax bills to a collection agency? Public Hearings on Bill 22-0008 are going on next week. Monday at the Boulon Center St. John, Wednesday on St. Thomas at the Senate, and April 1st on St. Croix.

Coming Up:

  • Tonight on We the People, Andre’s Guest will be Tourism Commissione Wylie Whisonant, G. Luz James of WSTX, Mario Moorhead and Micky Lynch – and a mystery guest too. That’s Tonight on We the People on WSTA 
  • Tomorrow 8:30 AM – Senate President Lorraine Berry’s Youth Symposium comes to St. Croix on Saturday at 8:30 AM at the Mini-Convention Center. 
  • 10:00 AM Skatefest is coming tomorrow at Ruby’s-by-the-Sea from 10:00 AM for skaters of all levels.

Gloria Minkoff’s Good News

Here’s good news for Gloria Minkoff. She has recently been awarded the prestigious Certified International Property Specialist – the first African American and the first Native Virgin Islander to win the award. There are only 400 Realtors worldwide with this special certification. That’s Gloria Minkoff’s Good News. 03/21/97 10:43 AM

Vanity License Places 

The police reminds everyone that there are 7,000 cars to register in March. Don’t wait to the end of the month. And Motor Vehicle registry has some vanity plates ready for you. Listen up: Limo 1, Bargeron, Bydzigan, Integra, John L#1, Kanaba, Le Mans, MizKim, Newton, Benji, Outkast, VW-King, MY76MGB, Bless, #1 Nick, Brand X, Carol G, KLT-TLT, M212, Nasky, Rogue, and Sai-King.

You all know who you are. The motor vehicle registry has your plates.

Its your good news. You tell us, and we’ll tell everyone.