Friday, March 14, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


We have the Most Romantic Town in the Caribbean

More good news from Martin Public Relations, the Territory’s public relations firm. The editors at Travel Weekly picked the most romantic resorts and towns in the Caribbean. They put Westin Carambola Resort in the top five “Most Romantic Resorts”. They choose Christiansted as The most romantic town in the Caribbean. 03/13/97 1:35 PM

Net Day Needs Your Support

The Virgin Islands is holding the first ever NetDay on March 22nd. We issue this urgent plea to all net Citizens who care about the Virgin Islands to assist. We need donations of computers, modems, and help creating a web presence in our schools. Those of you who read this are web literate and care enough to read about our islands. Can you please consider what you can do to help get our schools wired to the web? Alex Randall – Good News Guy

The Federation of Teachers is reminding all teachers of the upcoming Net Day and they are suggesting that teachers come out to support Net Day. Glen Smith says that “the means is here now to grasp the technology we so desperately need. Please make every effort to be come out and support Net Day.” United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

New Homes in St. Croix

Governor Schneider has proposed to convert the trailer park at Castle Burke St. Croix into new homes to replace the trailers. Current residents will have the first shot at owning the lots and the houses. The Governor also announced that he is increasing the allocation for the Juan Luis Hospital and the Dept. of Health. 03/13/97 11:02 AM

UVISION Takes Prize

The UVI Newspaper, the UVISION took the Founders Award at the national conference of student journalism at Morgan State in Baltimore Maryland. President Kean pointed to the excellent journalism record of UVISION and its most famous sun, Melvin Claxton. The editors at the conference included Fiona Stokes, Jomo Blackman and Former editor Ayana Jones. That’s our university paper taking top prize. 03/13/97 1:35 PM

Work Hard to Stay #1

Wylie Whisonant is in Florida at the Seatrade conference. He says the whole cruise ship industry is growing dramatically with larger ships, and more destinations. Whisonant says we have to work hard to remain the top port in the world. The passengers get such a high level of service on the ship they come to expect it when they get off the ship. That calls for more hospitality training. 03/13/97 8:17 am

Tim Duncan Fan Club

Folks on St. Croix are so proud of Tim Duncan that they are forming a Tim Duncan Virgin Islands Fan Club. Noting that Tim calls himself a very ordinary person and that he has risen to the top in his field, they want other St. Croix youth to hold Tim as a role model. The first meeting will be on March 23 at St. Croix Education Complex at 4:00 PM 03/14/97 9:10 AM

First Pump Out Station South of Florida

Crown Bay Marina is pleased to announce that they have opened the first boat septic system pump out station in the entire Caribbean region. The next nearest site to do the pump out is all the way in Florida. This new service is open now and it is a real boost for our ecology. You heard it here first. 03/14/97 8:32 AM

America’s Cup Challenge signs up Little Switzerland

Michael Bornn announced that Little Switzerland has joined the America’s Cup Challenge. The chain of stores which covers 27 locations on 10 Caribbean islands will become a Corporate sponsor of the Virgin Islands America’s Cup Challenge. CEO John Toler says they’re honored to be a part of this exciting and worthwhile cause. Little Switzerland is the official Rolex dealer in the Caribbean and they sponsor the Rolex Regatta which is coming up later this month. 03/14/97 7:38 AM

Our Rum Revenues are Safe

The Chairman of the Virgin Islands Rum Industry Kenneth Pincourt sent a note to Governor Schneider thanking him for saving the industry. The agreement that will be included in the Singapore Agreement global trade pact will not hurt our industry. Bulk rum valued at 69 cents per proof liter and bottled rum valued at $3 or less a proof liter will still face th4e existing tariff when imported into the USA.

Blood Drive

The Red Cross Blood Drive Tutu Park Mall today. You can donate Blood and make a real difference in the world. If you can’t donate, the Red Cross Ball is coming up, March 22nd. Call 779-2933.

TV Commercial to Be Local Production

The new Virgin Islands TV Commercial is going to be home made. Flicks Productions has a casting call is Friday and Saturday. They need boys and girls, ages 3 to 12, middle age men, athletic men, and beautiful women. On St. Thomas is at Flicks Productions on Raphune Hill Friday from 3 to 8 and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 in the afternoon. On St. Croix, it’s at Anchor Inn Hotel. 777-5952 03/11/97 2:18 PM

Zoe Dale Going to Atlanta School of Art

Zoe (Zo-ee) Dale is a winner! she is being honored for the display of art work she did with the folks at Nisky Zoe Dale get a big thank you. She is going to Atlanta School of Art in Atlanta and she is very excited about going into more professional art training. That’s Zoe Dale’s Good News. 03/13/97 3:16 PM