Wednesday, March 13, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Modular Classrooms

Those modular classrooms are giving the government trouble again. The bidding process has been extended to allow more bids, but the extension puts everyone under time pressure. We need the process complete by March 20th to get the classrooms built by the time school begins in August. It remains to be seen if there will be other snags in the process.

Schools Get Supplies

Governor Schneider addressed concerns of parents in St. Croix by arranging to hire a nurse for the education complex. He also authorized hiring a school librarian, but no qualified person has been identified. It is ironic since this is School Library Media Month. The Governor also said that several hundred thousand dollars worth of school supplies had been ordered from the states and should be here shortly.

Cable Gets Approval

The Public Services Commission granted Virgin Islands Teleview Services a franchise to operate in St. Thomas and St. John. Now the legislature must approve the plan to offer cable through the new service. Teleview says they will be the first to offer universal pricing of cable in all of the Virgin Islands.

Highway Resurfacing

Senator Jones wants to know why the waterfront highway is being stripped again so soon after it was resurfaced. Tyron Martin of Public Works called to explain that the asphalt used by the contractor was bleeding through and would not last, so while it is still under contract, public works is having the inferior surface material removed and replaced.

Labor Grants and Internships

The labor department got a grant of one million dollars to provide job training to people unemployed by Hurricane Marilyn who are still out of work. If you are unemployed go to the job training office to see if you are eligible for this new job training program. The Labor Dept. also is accepting applications for an internship program called Labor Investing in Tomorrow for college students in their third year.

New Store St. Croix

OK good news for St. Croix. There’s a new store coming to the Sunshine Mall and Eileen’s Fashion Boutique opens its doors on Saturday offering tuxedo rentals, formal wear and bridal gowns.

Environmental Competition

Senator Donastorg and the League of Women Voters announce two Environmental Protection Agency competitions open to the youth of the island. The idea is to raise environmental awareness among young people. The first is the Competition for an environmental calendar around the theme “How has environment improved in the past 25 years? Entries are due March 22 to Sen. Donastorg’s office or the League’s offices.


  • If you are a juror, selected to serve in District Court on Thursday March 14, you are requested to come to court today at 3 PM The phone is 774-5916
  • VITEMA and Department of Planning and Natural Resources are calling all fishermen, boat owners sailors and live aboards to a meeting next Tuesday at the National Guard Armory in Nazareth to discuss marine hazards, storm moorings and warnings of impending storms. Call 775-6762
  • Ivanna Eudora Kean School Class of 87 is meeting today at Caribbean MiniGolf in Smith Bay.
  • Dick Gregory is coming April 7th – more details as we get closer to that date.

 Poster Contest Winners

And the prize winner is Kenneth Cazaubon of St. Croix. His poster of Mitigation Marvin won the judges approval and it was the People’s Choice too., Kenneth is a 9th grader at Central High School. Second place went to Anthony Borghi of the Antilles School and Third Place is Glenroy George of CAHS. Congratulations Poster makers.