Tuesday, March 05, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


The Schools Will be Fixed

The Governor set school reconstruction as his top priority. Modular classrooms are being ordered for Berthe Boshulte, Peace Corp and Lockhart. The units are to be in place by July 15th. Rebuilding will all be done by August 1st.

Grant to Support Aid Agencies

US Attorney James Hurd announced that the victiums of Crime Office had just received a grant of 246,000 for local victum support agencies. The grant will aid domestic violence shelters, child advocacy centers and rape treatment programs.

Dr. Hamilton Retires

Maybe they can find a grant for the Women’s Resource Center which is celebrating its tenth annaversary of providing aid for victums of domestic violence. Dr Alice Hamilton is retiring after ten years of running the Women’s Resource Center. Thanks for the Devoted Service Dr. Hamilton.

Non-Union Pay Changes

Pay changes are in the works for non-union government workers. Governor Schneider adjusted the general schedule and people holding rank GS 1 to 18 get a 3.5% raise. Grades 19 to 27 get a 3% raise and GS-28 to 30 get a 2.5% raise.

No Vote on Your Health

The Legislative Health Committee met yesterday to consider a host of other laws regarding your health – but never got to any of it. One Senator gave a long winded report and his colleagues left. Finally there was no quorum.

Hot Line Opens – 777-1159

Here’s good news for students. There’s a new Teen Hot Line opening today. The number 777-1159. This is a crisis internvention line with full confidentiality. Anyone with a problem, crisis, or information about a violent act can call. If you hear about some violence about to happen or know about a crime, or have a problem at home, you can call, talk, get help and keep it private Its confidential and just for our student population. The number again is 777-1159

Mitigation Marvin

Remember the Mitigation Marvin Poster Contest The selection of the best poster is up to you. They are on display at the Tutu Park Mall until Sunday March 10th. See them and vote for the best.

Carnival Judge

Do you know how to get the best seats at Carnival – Be a judge. The Carnival Committee needs some judges. You do need to be an expert on music or costumes, speech. Call the committee at 776-3112. You get to see the whole thing from the best seats.