Thursday, March 28, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


New Jeeps for the Dogs

There are five new jeeps on duty for the police and each is fit out with the right equipment for a police dog. The Daily News reports that the old police cars were so broken down that the dogs had been taken off patrol. Now they are up, ready and on the road to help put a stop to crime. The dogs live with their handlers and are trained in tracking and apprehending criminals. And don’t mess with the dogs they are working dogs, not pets. Oh, and the money to get the jeeps – that was a federal grant. 

Main Street Mall

Did you notice how well the main street mall occurred yesterday. We had more than 12,000 people in town yesterday. It seems everyone knows what to do. The Governor wants to meet with the taxi drivers, downtown chamber members and other parties to make sure that all the wrinkles have been worked out.

Agriculture Grant

The UVI Agricultural Experiment Station has been awarded a grant of $143,500 to improve production of culinary herbs in the Virgin Islands. The cultivation and sale of culinary herbs is a major source of income to small holder farmers in St. Thomas and St. Croix. The grant will help develop and evaluate organic mulches, composts, green manure’s intercropping and drip irrigation. For sustainable crop production. (693- 1057) Manuel Palada

Rolex Regatta

The Rolex Regatta is coming up the first week of April. While many yachts were lost to the hurricane, there are more than 90 coming to this world class sailing event. St. Thomas is one of the best sailing sites in the world and this regatta brings avid sailors from as far as Argentina and Norway. Registration is April 2nd, Racing begins Friday April 5th. The MegaYouth Festival is coming – this year the theme is Technology and Higher Education – Take The Mega Challenge. This year the Festival is territory wide and will focus on preparation for higher education. Mark the dates. May 3 on St. Croix and May 10 on St. Thomas. To volunteer to help with the preparations for the Mega Youth Festival. Call 776-5566.

New Firefighters

Here’s another day to make down, April 12th is when the fire service will graduate 19 new firefighters at a ceremony at Bolongo Elysian Resort. That’s 19 new fire fighters. April 12th.


This is foreign languages week at the Kean School. Senator Judy Gomez reminds you that there is unity in diversity and we all win when we learn about each others languages and cultures. There is French culture in Martinique and Guadaloupe and Spanish Culture abounds around us. 


I made a mistake – the veterans councilor, Robert Ashby is at Buccaneer Mall TODAY and Estate Richmond tomorrow That’s Buccaneer Mall until 3:30 CAHS class of 1978 is meeting at 5:30 on Thursday the 28th at the GERS conference room. Kean Class of 86 is meeting at 5:30 at Emancipation Garden Police Auxiliary is holding an emergency meeting at 5:30 tonight The United Way is holding a cultural fair and bazaar on Saturday at Emancipation Garden from 10 AM