Monday, March 11, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Stop the Process – Modular Classrooms on Hold

A temporary restraining order has halted the acquisition of modular classrooms as one of the 12 bidders says the bidding process was not fair. They claim the government circumvented the bidding process to award the contract to Ram-Tech of Texas. No word on this from the government.

All “Born Here” are Natives

The Senate revised the Casino Control Act on Friday. The definition of a native includes all persons born in the Virgin Islands. Some people are saying that it doesn’t matter, none of the new natives have the necessary millions to build a casino anyway.

Ceiling Rents

Last week it was the minimum rent for public housing, this week it was announced that new rent ceilings have been adopted starting May 1. A two bedroom apartment will cost $511 a month. It was noted that the ceilings are below the established fair market rent for the comparable space in non-public housing.

St. Thomas dairy – Local Now

St. Thomas Dairy is now locally owned. It was purchased on March 7 by a team led by Fred Hintz, who has been part of St. Thomas Dairy for 21 years. The new owners promised to reopen all local facilities and they will continue to distribute Lurpak Butter, MacArthur Dairy Milk and a full line of frozen desserts.

School Supplies

The Governor met Friday with parents and teachers in St. Croix and announced that their requests for textbooks and supplies would be met by today. The governor’s speech was interrupted by a disruption in the audience and the meeting was brought to an early close.

New Police Cars

Those grants. The good news is that the police are getting 16 new vehicles – purchased with grant funds, but the bad news is that the grants require that the vehicles be used for insular affairs, canine units and other applications specified in the grants.

Paraprofessional Training at Schools

St. Croix teachers are getting some new help from their paraprofessional aides.

The paraprofessionals have just completed the Canters Assertive Discipline workshop that taught them new skills in maintaining discipline. Another workshop is scheduled for March 15th at the Curriculum Center.


  • Inner Wheel meeting tonight at 6 at Tickles in Crown Bay.
  • Applications for booths at Carnival Village are now available. The deadline to file a booth application is March 15th.
  • St. John historical society is meeting on March 12th with James Dalmida as the guest speaker. That’s at the St. Ursula Multipurpose Center in St. John
  • Ivanna Eudora Kean School Class of 87 is meeting Wednesday at Caribbean MiniGolf in Smith Bay.

Fast Food – Good Friends

When the Navy ship Gettysburg came to town some sailor helped clean up brush and debris at two schools. But how do you feed 35 hungry sailors on a moments notice? Arthur Taylor of St. Thomas dairy, and Omar Torres of Pizza Hut and Lawrence Freeman of Wendy’s came to the rescue and delivered lunch to the sailors. Thank’s to the Navy and thanks to our neighborhood heroes who helped our Navy friends.