Friday, March 08, 1996

US Virgin Islands 

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines 


Senate to Debate Native — Again!

At ten AM today the seante will meet to take up the Casino Control Act again and try to save some privledge for “not natives, not aboriginals… We’ll see… The Governor vetoed the definition of an aboriginal says the definition is hurting our chances of finding an investor to build hotel/casinos.

No Senate After Dark

Senator Hansen has called for the senate to adopt new rules of decorum following last weeks session that turned into a nightmare in the dark. She wants to stop holding sessions at night, and hold the members to rules of good behavior. She blames Senator Bert Bryan for the disruption and Senator Liburd for not stopping Bryan.

Schools Re-Build

The Governor announced an aggressive schedule for rebuilding the schools and building modular classrooms. The new RFP is finished and a contractor chosen by the end of the week. He is meeting with PTA Presidents at the new Education Complex on St. Croix Friday at 6:30. At Wednesday’s meeting in St. Thomas many parents expressed more concern with textbooks and supplies than building reconstruction.

Litter Police

The litter enforcement officers are out and they can hit you with a $250 dollar ticket if you trash our island. If you see someone litter – get their license plate and call 776-4844. DPW is also engaged in a 4 week program of roadside cleanup and residents are reminded not to place construction debris beside collection bins.

BIR: Report Income

Report Your Insurance Claims The Bureau of Internal Revenue reminds you that all proceeds from insurance claims must appear in your income tax return.

WIC Plans

The West Indian Company Board announced that land at Estate Liverpool was leased for 30 years to Carifest for a Caribbean Cultural Theme Park. There will be a 40,000 sq. ft building built between Wendy’s and the Shop Building 7. And all proposals to develop the Long Bay land fill had been rejected. WIC also noted that St. Thomas is the only destination in the region where 100% of the cruise ship passengers disembark. We’re Number 1.


  • CAHS Mentor program is looking for some responsible reliable men for the mentorship program that’s meeting on Saturday at 11 AM at CAHS Career Center. CAHS Class of 62, you are meeting Friday at 5:30 at Windward Passage
  • Do you have a green card issued before 1979. You need to renew your card and you are advised to do it soon, rather than at the deadline of March 20th

Mitigation Marvin

Finally this – that Mitigation Marvin, what a mongoose. The poster contest closes tomorrow at FEMA’s Tutu Park Mall showcase. You can still vote for the best. On Saturday between 5 and 7 they will unveil the best poster and the people’s choice award winner amid a celebration with refreshments included. There’s an event. If you miss it, that mongoose is going to have his own television commercials. Watch for the Safer Stronger Smarter Mongoose on TV.