Thursday, June 05, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


75 new members of the Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce is holding a membership drive. 16 volunteers held a marathon phon-a-thon and signed up 75 new members of the Chamber of Commerce. Here are the new members:

  • Browne’s Construction, 
  • Blinds and T’ings, 
  • Power Trips, 
  • Bon Voyage Travel, 
  • Bayson, Inc. 
  • Flagship, 
  • Telephone Technologies, 
  • Imperial Animal Hospital, 
  • Dominic’s Bakery, 
  • Reliable Realty, 
  • Moore’s Dental Care, 
  • Cash Mufflers, 
  • Brennan, 
  • O’Connel & Association, 
  • Fashion Eyewear, 
  • The Screen Shop, 
  • Noahs’ Little Ark Dinghy, 
  • Floral-N-Decor,
  • Prime Foods, 
  • Coconuts Bar & Grill, 
  • Orpah ‘s Fashion Whirl, 
  • CHICCO, 
  • Michael Werth, 
  • DDS, 
  • VI Cement & Building Products, 
  • Antilles School, 
  • Chuck Kline Water Service, 
  • Bittners TraveI, 
  • Magens Point Resort Hotel, 
  • Blarney Promotions, 
  • J. Newhart Video, 
  • Erica’s Hair Fashion, 
  • General Welders, 
  • Springette Flowers, 
  • See & Ski, 
  • Dennis W. Heileman, Esq., 
  • L’Hotel Boynes, 
  • Ocean Runner Powerboat, 
  • Unitel Communications & Developers, 
  • Nubian Princess, 
  • Antillean Contractors & Developers, 
  • D’Amour, Jones, Stryker & Duensing, 
  • Bobby’s Jewelers, 
  • A “1” Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, 
  • Marina Market, 
  • Dave Hamlin Wholesale Supply, 
  • Law offices of Andrew L Capdeville, 
  • Ballerina Jewelers, 
  • Byas, 
  • Fraser & Company, 
  • Blockbuster Video, 
  • Peggy Lyman Real Estate, 
  • Catherine A Kean, MD, 
  • Island View Guesthouse, 
  • Boniface Abba, MD, 
  • Midas Muffler, 
  • Trudy’s Exquisite Hair Designs, 
  • Audria Thomas MD, 
  • Gourmet Gallery, 
  • Dr Wishburne Hunte, 
  • Law Offices of Henry V Carr III, 
  • US Air, 
  • Gordon Cofelt Real Estate Development, 
  • Friendly Trucking, 
  • VITAAL, Inc., 
  • Walters Living Room, 
  • Varlack Ventures, 
  • Debbie Philips Clubhouse Sports, 
  • lris Hideout, 
  • Pavilions & Pools Hotel, 
  • George Marshall Miller, Esq., 
  • Raimer’s Cabinet, 
  • National Car Rental, 
  • Nisky Mailboxes & Business Center, 
  • Belfon & Evert Attorneys, 
  • Chamber of Commerce Consultants, 
  • Yssis Group, 
  • Andrew Auto Repairs. 

    They all joined our Chamber of Commerce. That’s good news.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 80 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Ad Club has winners

The advertising club of the Virgin Islands held its awards night on Tuesday and there are winners. The Burt Lee Silver Medal for Community Service goes to Club President Terri Brown who brought in thousands of dollars for scholarship programs. Virtual Virgin islands wont he People Choice Award which is the first time a Internet web site won the top award for advertising.

Senators Don’t Like Property Tax Bills

Senators Hansen, Frett and White are calling for a delay in the 1996 tax bills saying it is inappropriate to request two years worth of taxes within two months. They want the 1996 tax bills held until the vendor payments and tax refunds are up to date.

Lieutenant Governor Mapp appoints Two to Virgin Islands Banking Board

The Lt Gov has sent two nominations to the Senate for ratification. He is appointing St. Thomas Attorney Desmond Maynard and St. Croix businessman Ernesto Gutierrez to the banking board. He has also submitted bills to the legislature to amend the territories insurance code with technical corrections. Mapp said the bill will increase fees for recording deeds and surveys in the Tax Assessor^“s office.,

New Phone Gear for the Senate

The Legislature is reaching out to the hearing impaired. They have added a new service that will allow the hearing impaired to communicate with the legislature. The TTY/TDD device is part of the legislature^“s effort to come into compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Clinton Says Northern Marianas to Fix their work laws.

President Clinton wrote to the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas to inform them that they have too many resident aliens with jobs and too few local residents without work. He has decided not to extend America’s immigration, and naturalization laws to the Northern Marianas.

Lions are helping Montserrat

The regional chairman of Lions International is being joined by Lion Shirley Quetel-Hendricks on a trip to Montserrat. Our chief Lion is bringing $7,000 in a donation collected from our Lions to aid Montserrat in creating a senior citizen center for Montserrat.

Literacy Contest Winners

Liston Davis calls them all winners in the literacy contest, each of the six participating schools prepared teams of 12 students who read 12 assigned books and answered literacy questions for the contest. J. Antonio Jarvis School scored 22 out of 24 possible points making Jarvis the top readers, but everyone wins when the students read.

On the sore spot hot line rang off the hook this morning:

What is this collection of abandoned cars in Agnes Fancy above upper Savan on the dead end road near the old reservoir. There are 9 abandoned cars there. A white sprint T-9770, a White Chevy Cavalier T-1083, A Blue Datsun 280 ZX T-11769 and six others, Black Dodge Daytona with no plate, Brown Honda Civic no plate. None of the nine have current registration stickers. Hey Dept. of Public Works, can we get this sore spot cleaned up.

Bone Marrow Registration

Lets get this right, the bone marrow event at Tutu Park Mall is being hosted by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Sigma Theta Omega Chapter Its on Saturday from noon to 5:00 PM – Currently 3 million people are registered nationwide for bone marrow and only 7% are African Americans. Bone marrow transplants are critical for the survival of people with fatal blood diseases and the best match is from people of similar ethic backgrounds. You can help save the life of another person. And registering is painless and easy.

Water Island Report

The Fire fighting equipment is on Water Island and volunteers are needed to learn how to fight fires.