Saturday, May 31, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor Schneider’s 1998 Budget.

The Senate President received the governors proposed budget for 1998 on time and on budget. That’s three years in a row for getting the budget in on time. The budget is called Rising to the Challenge. The budget calls for sending 523.6 million for operating costs of the government, 36.6 million in debt service, and 7.9 million in capital expenditures. The Governor says his budget will continue the battle against crime, fully support the education system, health care facilities, and honor the commitment to retroactive wages. The budget does depend on raising funds through the sale of WAPA for 33 million, more money from the Marilyn loan, and 15 million in increased tax revenues.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 80 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Do we have Pink Mealy Bugs?

Bad news, the pink mealy bug has been identified in the Virgin Islands and that is not good for our agricultural base. Dr Petersen said that the pink mealy bug attacks both ornamentals and food crops. Spraying is not effective against the bug. There is good news, the pink mealy bug has natural predators like ladybugs that eat mealy bugs for their food. Ladybugs can be purchased. You can also cut and burn effected crops or wrap them in plastic to let the sunshine kill the bugs. We will be educating you about how to control the pink mealy bug.

Industrial Development Commission program to come under investigation

Senator Holland Redfield announced that the Committee on Economic Development will begin an investigation into the IDC tax benefits program. After Vitelco got a tax break, the Senators want to review the IDC and change to the law governing tax breaks. Senator Gomez has asked Louis Paiewonsky the acting director of the IDC to give her committee the transcripts of the executive meetings when Vitelco got its tax break. This story isn’t over yet.

Airport Work Starting

The work to expand the Rholsen Airport Terminal building is beginning. The eastern third of the parking lot will close on Monday and alternative parking is available on the south side of the terminal next to Bohlke Airways. The new parking is paved and it is free.

Do you have used oil?

Don’t take used oil to WAPA, they aren’t accepting it any more. There are sites to dispose of used oil at Bovoni landfill and at the Tutu Fire station. There are also professional oil pick up companies. Don’t pour it on he ground or down a storm drain.

Coming Up:

There is a radio-a-thon from 9:00 AM – to 11:00 AM – There are discount tickets, and you’ll be able to hear music from the artists who will be in town in July for the Gospel in Paradise Concert. So tune in tomorrow from 9 to 11 right here on WSTA St. Thomas. Pee Wee baseball and La Leche baseball at the Kirwin Terrace Ballpark] from 9:00 AM – to noon and in the afternoon. The fire fighters have a fish fry at vendor’s plaza today to raise funds for the World Fire fighter Olympics in Las Vegas. St. John Saturday is all about the Marine Scene. Stars and Stripes will be in St. John today, there is a special photo exhibit at the Sprauve school, a fish trap demonstration and other events like Boating Safety Day at Hawksnest Bay with boat rides and information on safe boating. Music and refreshments from 9:00 AM – to 4:00 PM Caribbean Dance Company has a program on Saturday The students have been dancing all year getting ready for this weekend’s performances. The Caribbean Dance School is presenting its annual program this Saturday at the Reichhold Center for the Performing Arts and next Friday and Saturday at St. Croix Island Center.

FEMA Says Be Prepared

The Hurricane season is here again and while there are no storms today, getting ready is the order of the day. Recheck your supply of boards, nails, tools, food, extra water and other hurricane supplies. It is time to restart your generator and make sure it is working properly. Make sure you have a good plan for your boat and plans for covering your windows. Stock up now on batteries and other supplies you need. There is no storm now, but the season has begun and it is time to prepare.

Water Island Report

Now there is a poor side and the rich side of Water island. Lots for $50,000 on the east end and lots for $17,500 on the west side of Water Island. Odd, it has always been distinct like that, Sprat Bay Corp. has always been a distinct and separate part of the island, a community unto itself. It has nominal gates and a police to exclude anyone who is not a member of the corporation. Now it is permitted to charge fees to sub-sub-lease holders and set conditions of participation in the he corporation. This has the effect of setting one price per acre on the corporation side of Water Island and a different lot price on the non-corporation side. Same island.

The judges decision solidifies the position of all sub-lease holders anywhere on Water Island.