Monday, June 23, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


We have a Queen on St. John

The Pageant for Queen of the St. John Festival is over and Micheline Verdant is the new queen. The 20 year old was stunning in the evening wear segment where she wore a stunning yellow gown and she enthralled the crowd with her International Costume. Verdant took the prize for Miss Photogenic and best evening wear. First runner up La Toi Liburd took the titles Miss Congeniality and Miss Intellect.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Increasing Clouds Chance of Rain: 50%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect nevertheless. Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

El Nino is At Work

This could be the best news of the day. The weather may be on our side this summer. The El Nino effect is beginning and may be the strongest El Nino since 1983. You remember that El Nino is the name of a warm water effect in the Pacific ocean which has an effect on weather all over the world. When El Nino is strong, there are fewer hurricanes, but places like California get more rain and the US East coast gets less rain. The experts say El Nino is the warmest it has been since 1983’s and that means there may be fewer hurricanes that we originally expected. We’ll keep you posted.

Tax Assessors Office is Moving.

On Thursday and Friday of this week the tax assessors office will be closed on Government hill and it will reopen on Monday June 30th at its new location on the second floor of Builder’s Emporium in Estate Thomas. The phone number will remain the same, 776-8505

No Conflict of Interest

The Democratic Party passed a new by-law to insure that the members of the committee do not hold positions of authority in the administration of the Government when a different political party is in power. The idea is to keep any employment from interfering with party business.

Youth going to Sweden

It is all part of promoting peace through cross cultural exchange, the Children’s International Summer Village is a setting where youth from all over the world gather to share, learn and experience each other’s cultures. This year, four 11 year olds will travel to Sweden to participate in the 4 week camp. Dennis Jones, Daniel Brin, Kayla Murphy and Katrina Comissiong are going to Boras Sweden to join youth from 11 other countries. Also this summer, youth from the ROTC at Ivanna Eudora Kean School will travel to camp in Panama and youth from St. Croix are going to Bologna Italy.

Mitigation Works

As we being to prepared for hurricane season, the folks at VITEMA are learning new techniques for insuring safety and security. The federal government will stop paying for disasters. It makes sense to build stronger homes that are storm resistant with stronger windows, hurricane clips and other mitigation techniques.

The Governor seeks Island Year Applicants

The Island Year program is seeking applicants for the program to spend a year in the employ of the government working on our highway projects. You must be a recent high school graduate or have a GED. They will be called Community Aids and they’ll learn computer literacy, customer service, financial planning, career development and conflict management. Contact Shelley Percival at 774-0001 x 4354

Dept. of Labor Seeks Training Programs

The Dept. of Labor must provide training to economically disadvantaged individuals facing permanent looking for training companies to submit proposals for job training from office skills to the hospitality industry. The bidders conference is June 30th Applications are due July 14th If you want to bid to do this training call the Job Training Partnership office at 776-3700

Drug Hot Line

Police Counter Drug Operations have introduced a new drug hot line. To encourage residents to report drug activities that require a quick response. You can make a difference in helping the police stop drug activity. Write these numbers down; St. Thomas 774-1813, on St. Croix 773-5565

Coming Up:

  • J. Antonio Jarvis School summer Camp is still accepting applications Call 774-4300 
  • If your Children are in the Dept. Housing Parks and Recreation summer camps remember to send lunch and water with your children this week. The lunch program does not begin until June 30th 
  • 5:30 PM – Supervisory Union of District 2A AMO is holding a general membership meeting at 5:30 PM – at the Caribbean Room of the Windward Passage hotel. 
  • Today is the deadline to apply for the Downstreet Youth in Action for their first Camp-Fest. Camp is from June 30th to Aug 8th with steel band training, arts, crafts, sports, vocational reading, fun and games and guest speakers. Call 777-1685 
  • 7:30 PM – Baha’I Community will celebrate Feast of Mercy at the New National Center Call 776-2029

Hero of the Hour

The hero of the hour is Baptiste, but he gives all the credit to We From Upstreet for adopting Roosevelt Park, Baptiste put the fish in the pond so our park fountain would have its own live fish. We salute the folks in We from Upstreet for adopting the Park and making it cleaner, brighter and friendlier. Keep up the good work. Upstreeters.

Water Island Report

The Territorial Emergency Communication Committee is being revitalized. It is the first government organization to include Water Island in the letterhead of their stationary. And they invited the Good News Guy to participate as the Water Island representative to the TECC. Big News for Water Island

It’s your Good News! You tell us and we’ll tell everyone.