Monday, June 16, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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It is Organic Act Day

Today is organic act day in the Virgin Islands a local holiday. The territorial government offices are closed and so are some stores and businesses. There is the Governor’s party at Magen’s Bay today and there is a continuation of the festivities in Frenchtown honoring Father’s Day. Milo and the Kings and the Kings will perform tonight at 6:00 PM –

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Chance of Rain: 20%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Organic Act May Change

The organic act is up for revisions with two bills before the US Congress to change the operating law of the territory. At issue are the powers of the Governor when he is traveling and the right of the territory to sell bonds. The Governors version of the bill is through the house and on the Senate agenda, the Delegates version of the bill is not scheduled for action yet. This could be the last Organic Act Day if the Governor starts a commission to write a new constitution.

Good Hope School Graduation

The Good Hope School held graduation for 27 seniors over the weekend. Senior George Gleason spoke and said it had been a top notch educational experience. He should know, he is a National merit Finalist and will attend Yale in the Fall.

St. John Prince and Princess

Prince and Princess were selected over the weekend at the St. John Festival. Moremi Aderohunmu was selected princess among a group of three candidates. The new prince is Roger Flemming who had no competition. Moremi took the show with a set up act in which she did a terrible version of Tomorrow then whipped off her wig and announced that she was no Little Orphan Annie than danced in Mocko Jumbie style and stole the crowd^“s heart.

Phone Survey

The Dept. of Health is beginning a telephone survey about chronic disease prevention. The telephone survey will run from today through July 25th between 10:00 AM – and 2:00 PM – and again from 5:00 PM – to 9:00 PM – Please cooperate and support this telephone survey.

Coming Up:

Noon – League of Women Voters is hosting Gwendolyn Bryan the Director of the Banking and Insurance office of the Lt. Gov. on Monday at noon at L’Escargo 775-9269 Faith Christian Summer Program costs only $60 for the whole session Call 775-2162 tomorrow (call Good News Guy again) J. Antonio Jarvis School summer delight camp is June 23 to Aug 1st $250 is the cost for the whole program. Across from Bulby. 774-3570. Taking applications today at the site Nail Classes at the Tami’s Nail Nest at Kongen’s Gade CAHS is offering summer session Registration ends today at CAHS guidance complex. 774-0780 Berthe C. Boschulte School registration for summer session is today through June 20th for classes that start June 23rd Tomorrow Cooperative Extension Service – beekeepers – special speaker. 693-1083 Barnacle Bills Restaurant is closing after 14 years of serving food drinks and music. Monday will be the 619th and final Limelight Monday

On the sore spot report:

On the sore spot report: Remember those 9 wrecked cars in Agnes Fancy that were on our sore sport last week. Tyrone Martin of Dept. of Public Works say they are gone, all but one that is tied up in court. A Big Thank You to Mr. Baily of the Traffic bureau and Mr. Olive of Public Works. For a job well done. You keep telling us the sore spots and we’ll keep cleaning them up.

Water Island Report

No news is good news