Monday, June 02, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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CAHS Graduation for the Grown Ups

There were two graduations over the weekend, CAHS Adult education held its graduation for 110 adults ranging from age 17 to 62. Which is more valuable, the high school diploma or the feeling of success that goes along with completing the process. Hard to say. IN any case once you have the diploma, no one can take it away from you. St. Joseph school also held graduation for 38 high school seniors. They are headed off to their summer vacations and then more school for most of them in the fall.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 79 Degrees Water Temp: 71 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Some Clouds, Scattered showers Beach: Perfect Swimming: Perfect Diving: Perfect Sailing: Perfect Drinks: Ready

Lieutenant Governor Mapp has Press Conference

The Lt. Governor announced that the tax bills are going out despite the fact that some St. Thomas properties have not been reassessed. He also announced that several banks that charged incorrect premiums for forced placed insurance have refunded the premiums. Wylie Whisonant is going to deliver to the Lt. Gov. office all files and transcripts regarding Vitelco and Frenchman’s Reef’s tax breaks.

Are the Air fares Outrageous?

The major airlines serving the Virgin Islands met with Vargrave Richards on Friday to discuss the price of travel to these islands and between St. Thomas and St. Croix. Richards questioned American Eagle about their near monopoly on flights and their recent price hikes. The port authority explained that their recent fee increases were not the cause of ticket price hikes as the fees represent only about $10 per ticket – hardly a significant increase.

Do our Senior Citizens need to have their Homes Shaken up?

Senator Hansen says she is tired of waiting for changes at the Herbert Grigg and Queen Louise Homes on St. Croix. She says the facilities need change and she wants a shake up of the administration of both facilities. The Lt Gov announced that Alda Forte is leaving the Herbert Grigg home and that Vera Falu will be taking over the Griggs home

June is Father’s Month and June 15th is Father’s Day

The Women’s Resource Center is holding an essay contest to honor Dedicated Dads. There are three age groupings for 8 to 12 years, 12-17 and 18 and older. First prize is brunch for four at a St. Thomas resort and $25 dollar gift certificate. Fax the essay to 777-5994.

FEMA Says Be Prepared

The Hurricane season is here again and while there are no storms today, getting ready is the order of the day. recheck your supply of boards, nails, tools, food, extra water and other hurricane supplies. It is time to restart your generator and make sure it is working properly. Make sure you have a plan for your boat and plans for covering your windows.. There is no storm now, but the season has begun and it is time to prepare.

Conde Nast Essay Contest Winners

Remember the Conde Nast Essay Contest, well we have some semi-finalists in the Virgin Islands. Patrick Henry and Kevin Hensley from St. Croix are semi-finalists, so are Kyle Rhymer and Tiffany Vanterpool of the Ulla Muller School also Larna Walters from the Joseph Gomez Elementary School. One of the five will represent the Virgin Islands at the 21st Annual Caribbean Tourism Conference in Aruba in Sept.

Airport Work Starting

The work to expand the Rholsen Airport Terminal building is beginning today. The eastern third of the parking lot is closed and alternative parking is available on the south side of the terminal next to Bohlke Airways. The new parking is paved. And it is free.

Water Island Report

The fire engine has arrived and the first volunteer fire service on Water Island is about to go into service.