Wednesday, June 26, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Close the Landfill? It could happen!

Public Works is investigating the costs and proceedures for sending the trash to Puerto Rico instead of Bovoni. They have licensed land fills on that island and Bovoni needs to be fixed. May Adam Cornwall of the Dept. of Public Works said “We are going to close this landfill, there is no quesiton about it.” They are also beginning the process of mapping the fire so they can begin to put the underground fire out.

Congress Hearings on Organic Act.

The Governon and Lt Governor are both in Washington today giving testamony on the bill to revise the Organic Act. The lieutenant governor called for changes in the the Organic to allow American companies to repatriate their income earned here withour penalty, to Increase the tax incentives for Foreign Sales Corporations, allow watches made here to say “made in America, a tax break for Virgin Islands gaming industry winners and inclusion of the Virgin Islands in federal hazard insurance. We’ll have the Governonr comments later.

Boot Camp for Minor Offenders

Here’s a good idea. The Dept of Corrections is planning to create a new facility that isn’t a prison, but a tough love boot camp where minor offenders would get some discipline, training and reform to help them move toward a life without crime. Rather than put minor offenders in jail with serious criminals where they can learn serious crime skills, The Boot camp would put minor offenders through a program to give them a future.

American Express Says “Virgin Islands are Open”

You know the newsletters that companies include with their bills. Well the newsletter in the current American Express bills sings the praises of the Virgin Islands and announces that Caneel Bay will reopen in October.

Free Immunizations

Dept. of Health is opening a respiratory clinic for residents of the Bovoni area today in the Tutu Mall from 9 to noon. At the same time and place, Public Health has a free immunizations clinic for kids age three and younger. Get the children their shots. It is the healthiest thing you can do for them. The price is free. {Happy Birthday to my father the Pediatrician, Alex Randall 4th MD}

On Today’s Calendar:

  • Cooperative Extension has a class on how to apply household pesticides at New House at 9:30 AM today The class on Industrial pestacides is tomorrow in the morning. Ornamental and turf pestacides class is tomorrow in the at 1 PM
  • Veterans benefits councilor is in St. Thomas tomorrow. St. Croix Friday.
  • There is a class tomorrow on How to Apply for a Grant. On Thursday from 9 to noon at Licensing Building in Subbase.
  • VITELCO has free tennis education for young people ages 8 to 18 at Stouffer’s Hotel. Call 775-4520 and sign up. That’s July 1 to the 26th. Compliments of VITELCO

Capitol Art Show

Emery Adams is in Washington DC today with 200 students for the Congressional Art Competition. Adams and art teacher Anselm Richards of St. Croix Central High were there to unveil a water color called Corner Drug Store which will be in the Capitol building for a full year.