Tuesday, June 11, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Do we need an Acting Governor?

A new law has been offered to the US Congress to amend our Revised Organic Act to permit a traveling governor to remain in official power while on the road. The current law requires the appointment of an official acting governor whenever the governor travels. The revised law would allow the governor to operate his responsibilities by telephone from a distance.

Who’s Trash?

Who is putting all that trash in the land fill? Its you and me of course. The Dialy News reports on the landfill that each of generates 11 pounds of trash a day and a lot of it is the packing material we need to bring things to the islands. Now if everyone recycled their cans, and reused all cardboard boxes, how much would we help the landfill problem.

Contractor Seminar

Dept. of Public Works special seminar for construction businesses is coming up June 16th. This isn’t just about big contractors, they are looking for more small scale local contractors like electricians, plumbers and carpenters. Commissioner Abramson is holding a Father’s Day brunch for all contractors who sign up for the conference. You need to get your FREE tickets. We have over 500 licensed contractors in the Virgin Islands, only 150 contractors have signed up for the conference. That menas 350 contractors aren’t interested in getting some of the $120 million dollars in road construction.Call 774-1301 and talk with Roseanne.

Junior Gardening Club

Here’s good news. The Junior Gardening Club is offering a summer ecology academy starting June 17th trhough August 9 with gardening, science, guest speakers, and other summer camp fun. What could be better for a young person than teaching science through learning how to care for plants. Call 776-3475 and talk with Mario Frances.

America’s Cup Race Logo

Our America’s Cup race team needs a logo. Artists of every age are invited to submit art work for an America’s Cup race logo. The logo should capture the rousing spirit of the Virgin Islands challenge and the excitement of America’s Cup racing. Deadline in June 17th. Call Denise Krug at 693-1402

School’s Out! & Return Dates

School’s Out or almost out right. Here’s the rest of the story. The school calendar is out for the coming year. Staff retrun to work on August 12th. New teachers start on August 21st. Returning teachers August 26th and students; D-day is August 27th. Have a nice summer.


  • Virgin Islands Consumer Advocacy Group 96-1 St. Thomas is meeting at 6 PM at Property and Procurement Office in Subbase.
  • GERS Board of Trustees at 9:30 at the GERS Conference room #5 Orange Grove Christiansted
  • Law Enforcement Supervisory Union is meeting Wednesday at 6PM in Zone A Roll Call Room
  • Coming Thursday Parents Executive Council is holding a meeting of all PTA, PTSA and PTO presidents on Thursday at 6 at CAHS cafeteria.
  • The Virgin Islands Energy Office is scheduling car care clinics every Friday and Saturday on St. Thomas at Tutu Mall and the Mazda Dealer in Subbase.

Count the Winners…

Finally this: How many winners in this story? Antilles School holds a raffel everry year when the winner gets a full year of free tuition. This year’s winner is Adriane Dudley who is a parent of a middle school child. Dudley has donated the free year of tuition back to the school as a scholarship for a student who might not otherwise be able to attend. Congratulations to that young student.