Thursday, June 27, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The Agreed more than they disagreed.

The Governor and Lt. Governor each gave testimony before Congress yesterday. The topic is the bill to revise the Organic Act. The agreed on more than they disagreed. They have different positions on whether a traveling governor should still be the chief executive. But on matters of our economy there was general agreement.

Bond Changes

The Governor also called for revising the organic act to allow bonds to be secured by parity debt instead of priority. That would allow us to refinance our debt. So Congress heard our executives.

Out of GAS!

Senator Luz James reports being stopped at the gas station at 5 gallons because the government vehicles are on rationing. Seems we haven’t been paying the bill for the gas and the government is on rationing.

FEMA Loan Starts

The governor signed the paperwork for the first drawdown of FEMA funds. The loan total is 127 million and we should receive $34 million dollars within 48 hours. The money can’t be used for capital improvements, repair of disaster damage or for the local share of a federal program but it can be used to meet payroll. I hope we can pay the gas bills

Molasses Tanker Pier

The Molasses tanker project in St. Croix is moving forward. Congressman Victor Frazer announced that funding for the project was moving forward.

Vets Land

This is good news for veterans. The government will no longer auction veteran owned land when they fail to pay land taxes. Instead the land will revert to the government for sale to another veteran.

HIV Testing

National HIV testing day and Virgin Islands Dept. of Health will offer HIV testing and counseling in St. Croix at the Harwood Complex and at Inglerborg Nesbitt Clinic. On St. John at Myrah Keating Smith Clinic and ON St. Thomas at Schnieder Hospital St. Thomas and St.Croix are open from 10 AM to 5 PM. On St. John it is 1 PM to 4 PM. It is free. It is confidential.

On Today’s Calendar:

  • Veterans benefits councilor is on St. Thomas today at Buccaneer Mall tomorrow its St. Croix.
  • Church Historical Society will meet at 10 AM at Ft Christian Museum.
  • There is a class on How to Apply for a Grant, from 9 to noon at Licensing Building in Subbase.
  • Emancipation Day coalition is looking for vendors to participate in the July 3 festivities. 774-9540
  • Hug A Bunch is meeting at Bellows at 6 PM for the St. John carnival
  • Charlotte Amalie Lions is installing New Officers at 5:45 at Victor’s New Hideout
  • St. Andrews Golden Miracles Steel Orchestra is performing at 8 PM at Lockhart Hall in Sugar Estate
  • Hurricane Recovery Managers meeting at Schneider Hospital at 6 PM.


Coast Guard Auxiliary class on Boat safety, radio and navigation. Sign up on Monday July 1 at the downtown Coast Guard building
VITELCO has free tennis education for young people Call 775-4520 and sign up. That’s July 1 to the 26th. Compliments of VITELCO