Friday, June 14, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


St. John Research Station to stay open

At the top of the news, The Governor announced that he would find a way to keep the St. John Environmental Research Station open. For the amount of money, there has to be a way. One bill before Congress will revise the Organic Act to change how our bond financing is done. Another bill will require a federal audit of the Territory’s books for the last – 26 years!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Saturday marks the release of a new stamp from the post office. The Breast Cancer Awareness campaign is getting its biggest boost this Saturday as the St. Croix PO. The stamp and cache envelope will be available so will breast cancer information and a screening. BC strikes men and women, can be detected early and treated.

Boat Registration

This month is boat registration month. If you have a boat, or a mooring, this is the month to do your registration. If you don’t have a boat, Property and Procurement is auctioning their extra boats June 27th. The Boats can be seen on the road from Subbase to WAPA.

America’s Cup Team Trials

While we are on boats, our Virgin Islands America’s Cup challenger Peter Holmberg is in France this week competing in the Brut by Faberge Sailing Series. Holmberg says it is an opportunity to hone his team.

Contest Semi-Finalists

We have semi-finalists in the Florida- Caribbean Cruise Assoc Essay contest. Of our 23 finalists, Anwar Lockhart of Sts Peter and Paul and Joseph Hodge of Seventh Day Adventist made the cut. They are going to the Carribean Cruise Conference in October to compete for the grant prize.

Music in the Schools

Who said music wasn’t important in school? At the Berthe C. Boschulte School Music Dept. they are very proud. Of the top ten students in the graduating class, 5 were in the concert band. The Valedictorian and the salutatorian were both in the Concert band. Maybe we should have more bands.

On the Calendar:

  • Coming up: Ivanna Eudora Kean Report Cards will be distributed today
  • Class of 76 meeting at Diamond Barrel
  • The Emancipation Day Coalition is planning activities for E Day at the Cultural Heritage Institute
  • Japanese wellness products will be at Windward Passage this evening and with guest speaker, Dr. Roger Boger (Beau-ger) at 7 PM
  • Reform Church Summer Camp registration is today at 7B Crystal Gade 776-8255 Saturday
  • Dept. of Licensing and Consumer Affairs is holding an open house at 10 AM in the Tutu Park Mall and Sunshine Mall St. Croix. Bring concerns, complaints and questions about professional licenses and consumer affairs.
  • Institute of Performing Arts is presenting Much Ado about a Murder. That’s Saturday at Frenchman’s Reef.
  • Arts Council is closing Caribbean Colour. They are holding a Champagne Closing Sat 6 PM at Tutu Park Mall.
  • AARP has a Pre-Father’s Day prayer breakfast at St. Andrews Parish Hall at 8 AM
  • Methodist Church has Family Fun Day at UVI Clubhouse from 10 AM until 4 PM
  • Sunday: Special Father’s Day Service at Zion Assembly Church Lindbergh Bay at 8 AM
  • Rotary of St. Croix is honoring Fathers of the Year at 4 PM Fort Frederick.
  • Monday: Monday is Organic Act Day, a territorial holiday.
  • Junior Gardening summer ecology academy starts Monday with gardening, science, and summer camp fun. Call 776-3475 and talk with Mario Frances

Good Hurricane News

There is some really good news about the hurricane hunters. I told you before that they have moved permanently to St. Croix from Antiqua. The hurricane hunters are a crew of 70 people, 23 officers and 47 enlisted personnel from the Air Force Reserve crews based at the Virgin Islands National Guard HQ at the Hamilton Airport with 10 planes. This mean s we more accurate reporting on the Hurricanes, The crews also mean 70 people visiting our islands. The commander said, “We are glad to be here. We couldn’t do it without the Virgin Islands National Guard.” That’s all good news.