Tuesday, July 15, 1997

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


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Delegate Christian-Green says Good Meeting at White House

Delegate Christian-Green spent Monday in the White House with top officials there working on plans to invigorate our economy. She had gathered top personnel from Dept. of Commerce, Customs, Treasury, OMB, and the trade representatives. She briefed them on the state of our economy and the need for new initiatives and incentives to meet long term economic growth. She says it was very positive. The working group will get back together again. 07/15/97 7:47 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Chance of Rain: 20%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Lt Governor Back From School

Lieutenant Governor Mapp is back after taking a three week course at Harvard in Government management and analysis. The class elected him the group leader, so we know he is still a politician. He will be before the Senate Finance Committee today to work on the appropriations for the Office of Corporations and Trademarks and the rest of his areas. And this too, Corporations and Trademarks is moving so as of Wednesday, they are closed until Monday when they will reopen at Builder’s Emporium in Estate Thomas.

America’s Cup Challenge Yacht to Get Security System

You heard that there was vandalism on the Stars and Stripes America’s Cup Challenge yacht, well, ADT is stepping up the America’s Cup Challenge and installing a state of the art security monitoring system. Steve Morton of the Cup Challenge thanks Barry Broome’s from ADT. This is the kind of support that builds a winning team.

Windsurfing Races Continue

Coming Up:

Cancelled: The GERS Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for 9:30 has been canceled. There are free inoculations against childhood diseases for your children. The free inoculations will be held on Tuesday July 15th, from 9 to 10 AM at the Market Square. Free inoculations will be in Contant Gardens on Thursday. Senior Citizens can get free identification cards today at Center Court of Tutu Park Mall . From 10 to 2:00 PM – The cards will get you discounts on all kids of things from drivers licenses to VITRAN bus passes, discounts at supermarkets, and retail stores. Today is the last day for freshmen at UVI to pay their enrollment fees.

Hero of the Hour

The Virgin Islands Human Services Dept. honored Foster Parents on the 50th anniversary, The Foster Parent of the Year Award was given to Miguelina and Leonardo Ayala for their dedicated service to children. There is nothing more important than taking care of the children.” That’s the best news of all.

Water Island Report

Simple paradise. Stare at the water for hours on end and never see the same ocean twice.

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