Tuesday, July 08, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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Senate Passed Tax Bill Balancing Act

The Senate met yesterday in a session that is remarkable for being cordial and calm. They approved the tax bill that would allow us to trade our tax refunds due from the government for the property tax bills due to the government. It is a balancing act, and if approved by the Governor would give tax payers another option to pay. They approved Lindel Williams to be Commissioner of Public Works. They approved a change in the zoning map to allow Shoreland Properties to operate a hotel in Maho Bay St. John . The Government operations committee will meet on St. John this evening to examine public safety. The Labor committee will meet tomorrow on St. Croix to examine the final Brown and Root Hiring activities.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 85 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Chance of Rain: 50%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Pink Mealybugs Getting Bugged

The Governor endorsed the plan to combat the Pink Mealybugs with a deadly counter insect. In the insect wars the Wasps being released in the Virgin Islands eat the Pink Mealybugs and then die themselves. Three thousand of the wasps haven been released and another phase of bug control is due later this summer.

Democrats Continue the Debate on Government Work

The democrats are struggling with the rules about working for the administration. Former Congressman Victor Frazer chimes in saying that we all need to work together. “An honest desire to serve the people without an agenda of personal gain is more important than party label” Meanwhile Clarice Blake of the St. Croix Democrats says she will not take a job offered to her in the Dept. Housing Parks and Recreation

Estate Profit for Sale

Friday is going to be independence day for residents of Estate Profit. The Governor is going to dedicate 28 lots at Estate Profit for the federally funded home ownership program. The Dept. Housing Parks and Recreation will build houses with three bedrooms on the lots later this year

Navy Band Coming

The US Navy Band is coming to St. Thomas and St. Croix. On Wednesday and Thursday the US Navy Show band will perform in the Tutu Park Mall and on Saturday they will perform in King’s Alley St. Croix and on Sunday there may be a concert at Sunny Isle.

YES Anniversary

YES, Youth Experiencing Success will hold their sixth anniversary celebration on Sunday July 20th at Insomnia from 6 to 10 PM – It is an alcohol and drug free activity.

Savings for Seniors

Senior Citizens can get free identification cards today from 10 to 2:00 PM at Woolworth’s. Seniors ID cards will get you discounts on all kinds of things from drivers licenses to VITRAN bus passes and discounts at supermarkets, and retail stores.

Scholarship Winner

St. John Community Foundation announced the winner of the 1997 Harry Daniels Scholarship. Tessa Williams is 18 and she wins $1,000 scholarship toward her tuition at American University in Washington DC. She is a graduate of Ivanna Eudora Kean School and former press photographer for the Tradewinds Newspaper.

Election System Reform

The Election Board is proposing changes to our election system. They plan to eliminate run-off elections, and create primary elections based on political parties. Primary elections would move to Saturday to eliminate a government holiday and they are proposing pay increases for election staff. They have 34 other proposed changes. Public hearings are slated for July 9th on St. John, July 10th on St. Thomas and on July 11th on St. Croix.

Vieques is getting a new resort

Is it good news that a neighboring island is getting a new 120 room resort. Vieques is building a hotel and villas on 40 acres of that island. There is a plan for a great house, restaurant and an art gallery, shops and a fitness center. They are still debating building a golf course. The developer says Vieques is like a clock stopped in 1956.

Water Island Report

Another glorious Day and Sunset.

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