Tuesday, July 01, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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The St. John Busses are a Success

People are so delighted with the new bus service on St. John that VITRAN is making plans for a permanent service on that island. Applications are being taken now for people who can become VITRAN employees as drivers, mechanics and clerical supervisors. VITRAN has applied for $400,000 in federal funds to set up the bus service. There will be a public meeting on July 31st at the Sprauve Auditorium. 07/01/97 8:57 AM

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 84 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Mostly Sunny Chance of Rain: 20%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Senate will look at Hurricane Preparedness Again Today

Senate is meeting again today on the topic of Emergency preparedness. On Monday, they heard from FEMA, and VITEMA and about Flood insurance. The good news is the heads of the emergency preparedness agencies say we are ready for storm season. WAPA says they will have most of the critical power cables underground by the peak of storm season. They have a stateside utility poised to help if we get hit by a storm. Today the hearings continue on St. Croix. Osbert Potter reminds all businesses that they must submit a price list of all products they sell to insure against price gouging in the event of a storm. 07/01/97 8:57 AM

New Bishop in the Virgin Islands

In a regal ceremony last evening at the Reichhold Center for the Performing Arts, the Reverend Theodore Athelbert Daniels was ordained as the 4th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the US and British Virgin Islands. It was an elaborate ceremony and marks the return of a bishop to the Virgin Islands. Daniel is 52 years old, married to a nurse Christine and they have three children. 07/01/97 8:57 AM

Contant Knolls Housing Is Ready to Go

On Sunday a host of Government officials cut the ribbon on the new Contant Knolls Housing Development. The new project is part of the replacement of the Warren Brown housing that was destroyed in Hurricane Marilyn. The first 24 units are almost ready for occupancy and a total of 96 will be in this project. 07/01/97 8:57 AM

Montserrat Needs Help and Getting It

The people are rallying to come to the assistance of Montserrat. Following last week’s major eruption, people have been gathering relief supplies for the 5,000 residents huddled in shelters on the north shore of Montserrat. Canned food, soap, diapers, hygiene products, and money are needed. You can bring relief supplies to USO Building on the waterfront. The Captain Johnny 1 will travel on Wednesday July 2nd. 07/01/97 8:57 AM

St. John Festival Heats Up

St. John Festival is roaring along. Tonight it is Cool Sessions and Fusion, Wednesday the Jam Band plays, Thursday its Imaginations and Violators and on Friday the 4th of July the bands are Fusion and Jam Band. From 7 PM – to 2AM

AFDC Wins Recognition

Our AFDC office got high marks from the US Health and Human Services Dept. in Washington. Our AFDC staff had an error rate of only 3% while the national average is 6%. That means our AFDC staff are performing admirably and won national recognition. Good Work!

Saving Water -Fish and Lettuce Grow Together

UVI has good news. You know water is hard to find in the Virgin Islands and we have periodic dry spells. The Aquaponics research project at the university has examined how to growing food and fish in the same water. The fish called Tilapia and lettuce co-exist in a single tank of water. Like good friends, the fish and the lettuce help each other and by sharing water they conserve water.

Water Island Report

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing. Peace and tranquillity prevailed

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