Monday, July 07, 1997

US Virgin Islands

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Election System Reform

The idea that we should reform our election system is open to public debate. The Election Board is proposing the elimination of run off elections, the creation of primary elections political party, and 34 other proposed changes. Primarry elections would move to Saturday to eliminate a government holiday and they are proposing pay increases for election staff. There are copies of the proposals at the Boulon Center, at the Baa Library and UVI library and at the Williams and Petersen Libraries on St. Croix. Public hearings are slated for July 9th on St. John, July 10th on St. Thomas and on July 11th on St. Croix.

Current Conditions in Paradise:

Temperature: 88 Degrees Water Temp: 72 Degrees Skies: Crystal Clear, Occasional Cloud Chance of Rain: 20%: Beach and Swimming : Perfect Sailing and Diving : Perfect Drinks: Ready

Senate Meeting Today

The senate will be in session today to consider nominations of Lindel Williams to Public Works, and Ralph DeChabert to the St. Croix Horse Racing Commission. They also have 8 bills to change the zoning map, and 7 bills, including prison reform, compulsory car insurance, and there are 7 leases to consider. Tomorrow the Government operations committee will meet on St. John regarding the state of public safety.

Will FEMA Forgive the Debt?

Senator Rocky Liburd is introducing a resolution in the Senate that says the people of the Virgin Islands want FEMA to forgive the debts from all of our emergency loans. Liburd says FEMA needs to be sensitive to the people of the Virgin Islands, we had Hugo, Marilyn and Bertha and they all damaged the tourism infrastructure making loan repayment even harder. 07/07/97 7:43 AM

Senator Donastorg Wants Fishermen Aid NOW

Adlah Fonsie Donastorg is calling on the Administration to release hurricane aid promised to farmers and fishermen. He says the hurricane aid grants have been turned over to the Dept. of Finance but they have not been released. Back in March Joanne Bozzuto said a half million was available and Fonsie says “Where is it?” He says producing food goes a long way toward self sufficiency and independence.

Big Thank You

Big Thank You to the St. John Ferry folks. Thank You for moving all the people from Red Hook to Cruz Bay and back again – thousands of people. The unofficial count was 10,000 made the trek to St. John. and they came by ferry

Senior Discounts Available

Senior Citizens can get free identification cards this week. Tomorrow from 10 to 2:00 PM get your ID at Woolworth’s. Seniors ID cards will get you discounts on drivers licenses and car registration, on Vitran busses and at participating supermarkets, and retail outlets.

More Aid for Montserrat

British Undersecretary of State Baroness Liz Simonds says that the government of Great Britain will provide new aid to Montserrat. She said the loss of the Bramble airport requires a new helicopter search and rescue team be deployed. She says 1.5 million British Pounds are available to Montserrat for road reconstruction, and emergency housing.

Coming Up:

YES, Youth Experiencing Success will hold their sixth anniversary celebration on Sunday July 20th at Insomnia from 6 to 10 PM – It is an alcohol and drug free activity.

CAHS 10th graders , your summer reading books have arrived, it is a novel about interracial friendships. Drop by the English Dept. today until 12:30 today. 12th grader’s, books are not here. We’ll keep you posted.

Water Island Report

4th of July on Water Island is so small The guy with the firecracker lite it, but it fizzled. The barbecue was so small they had to re-heat the hot dogs with matches. Water Island can only fit 25 stars on the flag, but we wave it anyway. The parade was called off because the unicycle had a flat tire. Next year we are going to buy a box of sparklers and a second bag of briquettes. Maybe we’ll get a second package of hot dogs too.

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