Wednesday, July 24, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Governor’s Youth Games are Starting on St. Thomas Today

Do you wish you could be in Atlanta for the Olympics. The Governor’s Youth Games are going on right now at CAHS. Now, the games began on Monday on St. Croix with over one Thousand athletes participating. Today’s games in St. Thomas are volleyball and Table Tennis right now.

Red Cross Aid Ends

Today is the last day to apply for Red Cross Aid from Hurricane Bertha. Tomorrow Red Cross services revert back to local staff. The recovery centers are open, and they report a light turnout.

Doctors Accept New Insurance Arrangement

In a press conference at the hospital, Senators White and Petrus and Doctors Okye and Abba announced that St. Thomas doctors agreed to accept government employees CIGNA insurance payments after the fact rather than requiring cash up front. The doctors asked for and got a toll free phone link and a new computer system to check a clients insurance status quickly. They also got concession allowing the insurance deductible reduced from $250 to $50. The agreement will make it easier for people to go to their doctor earlier and with less concern about the payments. It is a case where negotiations in good faith kept legislators from writing a law to force the matter

Employee of the Month

Text Also at the hospital, Miss Alva Lake of the accounting department was named employee of the month.

Harbor Night

Tonight is Harbor Night Two in Fredreksted. Last Harbor Night, most people never got past King Street, so tonight there is more music, more people to give directions, and more activities around town. Now everyone can join Carnival Cruise Line passengers for Harbor Night in Fredreksted.

“Davila Needs More Funds” Says Senators

The Finance Committee heard from the Police Department yesterday. Commissioner Davila had a budget without any funds for repairing the police buildings. He stated “the challenge of doing more with less often means doing without to the Police”. Senators chastized him for having goals without plans and that the police budget had room to trim some areas but, in a reversal of roles, the senators told the police department it needed more funds to perform the mission.

WSTA Buys FM Station

Ottley Communications Corp, the owners of WSTA-AM have completed the purchase of radio station WTBN formerly known as “The Breeze.” Ottley Communicatons will now broadcast on an FM signal to augment its existing AM Station. The call letters of the new FM Station will be WSTA-FM and it will appear at 102.1 on the FM radio.

On the Calendar:

  • American Cancer Society St. Croix is meeting at 5:30 at Sunny Isle.
  • St. Thomas St. John Agriculture and Food Committee is meeting at Cooperative Extension at 5:30 to plan the food fair. 
  • Boy Scout leaders and Order Of The Arrow members are meeting tonight at 6 PM at the Boy Scout Service Center.
  • Keans Alumnai Assoc meeting at McDonals in Tutu at 6:00
  • Virgin Islands Banker’s Association with present Banking Matters on WSTA at 7:30 Thursday
  • The Good News Guy is going away tomorrow for a seminar in Washington. While I am gone, Judi Shimmel will bring you the good news and I promise to return with more good news in August.

Finally This:

Lo Ann Sewer of St. Thomas has been crowned Miss Caribbean/Maryland at a pagent sponsored by the West Indian National Association of Baltimore Maryland. She is the first Virgin Islander to enter the pagent. She danced to Violators band music, glittered in a gold lamae gown and in question and answer portion of the pagent her answer was so good, the crown erupted in applause and no hear the end. That’s Miss Caribbean/Maryland LoAnn Sewer’s good news.