Wednesday, July 03, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


Five Hundred New Citizens.

Today is Emancipation Day, a territorial holiday to commemorate this date in 1848 when the emancipation proclamation ended slavery. The banks and territorial government offices are closed, federal offices are open. The Governor wants us to plan now for the 150th anniversary in 1998.

500 New Citizens

The Dept of Immigration and Naturalization is holding the largest naturalization ceremony in the territory’s history. Over 500 people will be taking the oath today to become US citizens.

Governor’s Announcement

In the Governor’s press conference yesterday, he announced that he will order the start up of payment to vendors of funds due them. He announced that the new owners of the Grand Palazzo, & the Ritz Carleton will get IDC benefits and that they will hire 300 workers. Caneel Bay announced that they are looking for all former staff to return to the hotel by Friday.

Maho Bay Pavillion

Friends of the Virgin Islands National Parks announced that they had completed repairs of the Maho Bay pavillion which was damaged in both Hugo and Marilyn. Thanks go to the Georgia Pacific Corp, Schmidt Construction, and the whole group of volunteers.

Water Island Sale

The governor announced that Water Island residents will begin meeting with the Department of the Interior in July to begin the sale of land to the leaseholders. He expects the land sale process to be complete in September.

Tutu Basketball Court

Senator Petrus announced that the basketball court in Tutu had been completed and now it is a full length court, with lights, new rims and fencing.

The checks are ready … NOT!

The tax refund checks are ready to go, but the Deptartment of Finance says the check printing machine is broken. But, wait … this is the good news, the staff say they can get it fixed in time to process checks this Friday.

On Today’s Calendar:

  • The Fire Service reminds you that all burning permits are canceled. We have dry conditions. Be careful with cigarette butts and matches.
  • Jesters Troupe members who are going to St. John, you are meeting at national park dock area tomorrow at 10:30.
  • There is Voter Registration in Cruz Bay St. John. From 11 il 2 PM and the St. John Music tonight features Fusion and Imaginations Brass.
  • The Calypso Association is holding a Switcheroo Calypso King Strumloo at Fred’s Bar and Restaurant at 8 PM honoring L&C Milliners 40th anniversary. Cool Sessions Brass will play after the show.


Get a pencil, you remember the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, they give free sneakers to single parent families with incomes under $27,000. Now they have computer printers to give to you. Their address Box 346, Union, NJ 07083. You have to pay the shipping but the computer printer is free.