Tuesday, July 23, 1996

US Virgin Islands

[singlepic id=4817 w=180 h=40 mode=web20 float=left]Good morning! This is Alex Randall with Good News Headlines


The New Modular Classrooms are Safe and Solid.

At the PTA meeting for Lockhart elementary last night, Louis Hughes answered questions for more than an hour and a half to parents concerned with the safety of the modular classrooms. The systems are set up on solid cement and are designed to withstand winds of 115 MPH. He says they are safe and solid.

Tarp Deadline

The last day to sign up for government installed tarp roof is today. They have plenty of the heavier sheeting but you have to sign up today at a recovery center. Wednesday is the last day to apply for Red Cross Aid. The hot line is 714-1015. The Recovery centers will remain open after these deadlines for emergency aid.

Wreck Gone from Water Island

The wreck of the 80 foot Emerald Star was removed from Honeymoon beach on Water Island. The wreck washed on shore in Hurricane Luis, was battered in Marilyn and further broken up in Hurricane Bertha. That’s one wreck down and 8 to go. Congressman Victor Frazer announced that the Deptartment of the Interior had funds earmarked for public projects on Water Island, including removing the asbestos, and hotel debris from Hurricane Hugo.

Traffic Lights Done

Tyrone Martin says all of the lights are operable. That’s all traffic lights island wide. In only 15 days. And that’s including some critical design changes to mitigate against future damage. Tyrone says, if we tell you a fly can pull a plow, just hitch him up.

On the Calendar

  • League of Women Voters luncheon is at noon at Le’Escargo, the topic is the highway expansion.
  • Adoptive Parents meeting at the Spencley Building at 5:30 || Small Business Development Center is hosting a disaster preparedness seminar for business people – its about protecting your records, inventory and disaster planning. That’s Thursday at 6:30 at VITEMA HQ.
  • Licensing and Consumer Affairs has a number of exams coming up. The Real Estate Appraisers Exam deadline is July 25, same day for the Engineers and Land Surveyor’s Exam.
  • The Governor Virgin Islands Youth Games will be commemorated on Wednesday with a special post office stamp cancellation at Emile Griffin Ball Park. On Wednesday at 9 AM you can bring an envelope and get a special stamp that will be canceled with a special rubber stamp that commemorates the Governor’s Games. That’s good news!